molly ho studio: a branding & marketing design template shop for photographers

Hey there, friend! It’s Molly. I’m the face and designer behind Molly Ho Studio. I’m a California girl at heart, but I’m now making my way through Europe, Southeast Asia, and wherever the wind takes me next — all while working behind my laptop at odd hours. Any night owls reading this?

I started Molly Ho Studio as a way to combine all my favorite things into one: branding, marketing, storytelling, personal growth, and travel. As a business owner myself, I understand how overwhelming it can be to a one-woman show.

That’s why I started creating branding and marketing templates for photographers who care about the aesthetics and looking good, but don’t necessarily want to make their own branding materials themselves. I’m all about helping you create a sustainable business so you can live your best life; I mean, that’s partly why we started our own businesses, right? So we can live life on our own terms.

Ever since I could remember, there were a few things I always wanted to do: 1. travel the world, 2. earn money doing something creative, 3. help other women like myself release shame while sharing their stories, and 4. embrace who I am.

Selling my photography templates has allowed me to do all of those things and more, which is why I’m so passionate about continuing to grow my business so I can give back to the community.

Growing up, I struggled with body image and depression. Just 4 years ago (in my early 20s), I was working at a dead-end minimum wage job and still struggling with depression. With no college degree. Never in a million years did I think I would successfully have my own business that actually earns me enough money to travel the world on my own.

But I did it, and lemme tell you, so can you.

We may not know each other (just yet), but if you’re reading this, I want you to know your dreams are 100% possible and you are fully capable of making it happen. Whether you need help with branding your photography business or working on your mindset and beliefs, I am here for you.

I believe in you, your business, and your dreams.

We are in this together.

With love,