12 Reasons To Start Blogging In 2017

12 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2017 | How To Start A Blog | Why You Should Blog | How Blogging Can Help You | Personal Growth And Development Blog | Self-Discovery | Lifestyle | Blogging In 2017 | How To Create Your Own Opportunities In Life | How To Improve Your Life

Blogging has always been a huge interest to me. A few years ago, I started this blog, but quickly realized how much work it involved - and soon, it felt like a chore more so than a hobby.

So why did I create another one? Because I rather live and do knowing that I gave things a real shot rather than always asking myself, "What if I had done that?" If things don't work out, but I gave it my all, then that's okay. My heart and effort wasn't in it, but always wondering and throwing ideas around (without execution) isn't my style either.

Plus, there are soooo many benefits to blogging, hence this blog post!


Here are 12 reasons why I think you should start blogging if you're on the fence about it.

1. You create opportunities for yourself.

Instead of waiting for them to come to you (…which is what most people do and is probably never going to happen), you go out and make your own which is more empowering and inspiring anyway. There are so many things we can do like working work other people (collaboration), projects, workshops, webinars, creating resources for your community, in-person events, etc.

You can literally create something out of nothing, which is so amazing. Share your story, document your life, help others, give value, etc. Put yourself out there, and let the world hear your story, which means me to my new point.


2. You can share your story and life experiences.

And share them from your perspective. Develop your own writing style and voice, instead of trying to copy someone else’s.

Don’t worry about if other people are already doing it. There are tons of travel, food, lifestyle, etc. blogs out there, but guess what? There are people out there today writing their very first post and if they stay consistent with it and continue showing up, I’m sure they’ll have no problem building a tribe of their own.

The only person that’s standing in our way is ourselves.

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3. You build your own tribe of people who resonate with you and your story.

Isn’t that amazing? Helping others feel less alone? Encouraging them on their own journey?

You have a message and a voice, and someone out there needs to hear it from you. And chances are, something you say one day is going to click for them and that might just be the thing that creates a whole domino effect of change in their life.

There are so many people in the world who you can help. Stop thinking about what you can’t do or why you can’t do it, and start coming up with a list of reasons why you can and will.


4. You go through your own journey of personal growth.

Maintaining a blog is not easy to say the least. There’s a lot of work involved nowadays with creating graphics, writing the content, proofreading and revising, making content upgrades, sending out your newsletters, engaging on social media, etc. and that’s just the technical stuff.

There’s also the part about overcoming your fears of putting yourself out there for possible rejection or maybe even cricket sounds for the first few weeks or months or possibly even longer.

With anything in life, there’s a learning curve and you have to learn to be patient with yourself while showing up every day and preparing yourself for when things do “fall into place” (i.e. you made it happen yourself and didn’t magically wait around for things to happen).

I’ve learned tons about being patient and being kind to myself through starting Wholehearted Woman. Trust me, there is so much to learn and it’s all good and will help you grow so, so much.

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5. You gain clarity and learn to readjust along the way.

This is why you always hear the advice, “Start before you’re ready.”

Because along the way, you will change things and you yourself will change too. Where you start is probably not where you’ll be 2 months down the line, so just start and keep going.

You will figure things out as you go. And if you still don’t know what you want, well at least you’ll know what you don’t want.

By taking action, you’ll gain clarity - on your life, on your blog, on what you want, on where you’re going, etc. Trust me, blogging really helps you evaluate and reflect on your life not only from the day to day but from an overall, long-term bigger picture as well.


6. You become more confident and you start believing in yourself.

Like I mentioned earlier, blogging is no walk in the park. But once you start doing it, you’ll start seeing how capable you are of things once you apply yourself.

Instead of saying things like, “Well, that’s easy for other people. They can make it work.”, you’ll start thinking, “I can do that, too.” (Because you can.)

We all had to start somewhere, and we were all beginners at one point. No one starts off knowing everything about everything.

And once you get the hang of it, you can show others how to too and inspire them.

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12 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2017 | How To Start A Blog | Why You Should Blog | How Blogging Can Help You | Personal Growth And Development Blog | Self-Discovery | Lifestyle | Blogging In 2017 | How To Create Your Own Opportunities In Life | How To Improve Your Life

7. You improve your writing through practice.

Okay so, I’m not really sure whether my writing has improved or not. I’ve never really been confident in my writing, but I do feel more comfortable reading now than say a year ago.

And I’m more willing to improve, which must count for something, right?

Like anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you get. Practice, practice, practice. And be okay with having your own style. (If you notice, I start a lot of my paragraphs with “and” and “but” and that’s just the way I write and the way I like to write.)

Over time, you’ll develop your own style and voice.


8. You learn that it’s not about luck, it’s about action.

It wasn’t luck that gets people to where they are. It’s lots and lots of preparing, learning, applying, and doing the same things all over again.

You’ll realize that it’s about consistent action and consistency goes a long way. You’ll stop making excuses for yourself of why you can’t or why it’s not impossible for you, because you know it’s not true. You’ll know that unless you take action, you’re going to stay exactly where you are.

We don’t get to where we want to go by hoping or wishing or wanting. We get there by action (ex. if you want to get people onto your blog and email list, you have to find a way to help them and provide value - not by sitting around and thinking about starting a blog …someday).


9. You’ll get better at processing and prioritize.

One of my biggest tips for blogging (and life) is to prioritize and batch your tasks (ex. do all your graphics at once, write a lot of content at once, etc.) instead of switching back and forth from thing to thing.

Once you start blogging, you’ll begin to realize that there is a lot going on behind-the-scenes to keep a blog functioning, so naturally, you’ll want to do it in the smartest and most efficient way.

I’ve never really been a systems kinda gal, but automating things and putting things into place really goes go a long way (and saves me a lot of time). In other words, blogging will help you get out of your comfort zone in more ways than one.


10. Your quality of life will improve.

This one goes along with the point I made above, you’ll start looking for ways to start doing things more efficiently and effectively. In all areas of your life.

You also might start looking for ways you could improve other areas of your life - ex. the quality of sleep you’re getting or the energy you’re taking in.

You’ll start living life with more intention, purpose, and clarity.

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11. You’ll meet new people and form meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Like minded people attract like minded people.

While blogging is something you have to do alone, you don’t have to be alone while doing it. You’ll find people within your community that you’ll be drawn to - maybe it’s the way they talk or what they talk about or maybe your values align. But one thing’s for sure: meaningful and fulfilling relationships will be formed.

It’ll be awesome and really rewarding.


12. You can make your dreams a reality because anything is possible (and nothing is off the table).

Remember in the beginning when I said you can create opportunities for yourself? Well, why not blog to create the life that you want?

Do you want to travel? Create a travel blog, build an audience, and teach people how they can travel just like you.

Or maybe you want to create your own recipe book some day? Start a blog, build an audience, and do it. You can either go the self-publishing route or finding an agent.

Yes, it takes time to build an audience.

Yes, it takes time for trust to be trust.

Yes, everything takes time, patience, and lots of work.


But if you want it, it’s possible.

Also, it takes time to do anything, so the time is going to pass anyway whether you do something or not.

The only person standing in your own way is you, and that doesn’t just go for blogging.

No one is stopping you from writing or traveling or starting an ice cream company.

There are so, so many reasons to start a blog and these are just some of them.


Share with me in the comments below:

Do you blog? If so, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? And if not, what’s stopping you?