4 Signs It's Time To Rebrand Your Business

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If you’re struggling to attract the right clients and customers to your business, it may be because your business is in need of a rebrand.

Branding is essentially how people perceive you and your business, so you want to make sure you’re sending the right message, vision, and story.

So how does one exactly know when it’s time for a brand makeover?

Here are 4 clear signs it’s time to rebrand your business:

  1. You’ve outgrown your business.

Remember back when we wrote in our friends’ yearbooks, “Don’t ever change”? But as we got older, we started to realize change is a good thing?

The same applies to our businesses. Over time, our vision changes. Our mission changes. Our dream clients change.

Change is a good thing. Your business should be changing, shifting, and growing over time.

So if your business is changing, then your brand has to reflect that. And since branding is how others (i.e. our potential clients and customers) see us, then we need to make sure our brand identity represents who we currently are.

When your ideal clients and customer land on your website, Instagram page, etc., they should be able to look at it and think, “Wow, she’s talking to me. It’s like she made this for me.

Maybe when you first started your business, you were targeting mostly beginners. But as your business grew, your started to target and help those who had a bit more knowledgable in your niche.

Or another common example is when photographers become photographer educators. If that’s the case, your target market is different.

One is targeting the everyday person who wants their photos taken and have that photo experience, whereas the other is targeting photographers (who are also business owners) who want to learn how to book out their calendar with their dream clients.

As the saying goes, “If you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one”.

2. You’re ready to grow your business and you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

When I get on brand discovery calls with potential clients, I always try to make sure that they’re ready to establish their brand and do a brand makeover.

The more clarity you have, the easier it’s going to be on you and your brand designer.

If you’re unclear, you’re going to constantly back and forth on making a decision which is going to affect your confidence over time.

You and your brand designer should work together collaboratively to make sure that your rebrand reflects you and your business while aligning and resonating with your dream clients. Give them a reason to fall in love with you and your business.

If you want to rebrand into a higher end luxury brand, you don’t want to end up with a brand that attracts and resonates with the budget-friendly client.

So it’s important to know what your business is, who it’s for, how you help people, your packages and prices, where your business is headed, how it’s different from your competitors, etc.

Plus, when you have clarity around your business, you’ll be able to create a better brand experience for your potential clients and customers that will inspire them to take action.

Have you ever walked into a skincare or beauty store and wanted to buy everything? It’s because they’ve intentionally and thoughtfully branded themselves to attract customers like you.

4 Signs It's Time To Rebrand Your Business | When Is It Time To Rebrand Your Business? | Why Rebrand Your Business | How To Grow Your Business | Marketing | Brand Identity Design | Brand Makeovers and Rebrand | How To Rebrand Your Business | Branding | Why You Should Rebrand Your Business | Female Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners | Molly Ho Studio

3. You DIY’d your brand, but now your business is ready to look like a grown-up and established brand.

Look, I get it. Building a business is hard, and there’s a lot of hats to wear and moving pieces when you’re first starting out.

I DIY’d a lot of things in my business myself, but as my business started to grow, I realized I needed help in certain areas from people who knew what they were doing in their industry better than I did.

How we choose to present ourselves tells our potential clients and customers a lot about us.

For example, you know when a business has invested a lot into their brand image - their branding, packaging, social media presence, etc. Or when they invest a lot into their marketing - when they’re constantly showing up in your Facebook and Instagram ads.

It’s the same with small businesses. People can tell when you’ve invested into your business.

After all, branding is all about how other people perceive you and your business. So when you invest into your branding, it’ll attract the right customers and clients because you’ve intentionally and thoughtfully put thought into what you’re putting out there.

Plus, you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing and how to put it all together in a way that attracts the right people.

Think about how you want others to perceive and feel about your business. What type of clients are you trying to attract?

Most of my clients are in the process of growing and up-leveling their business, which means expanding their services and/or offerings, which might include workshops, courses, ebooks, etc.

In other words, they’re looking to scale and establish themselves in their industry.

4. Your current brand is lacking that “oomph”. That spark.

When you look at your own brand, does it excite or bore you?

If it doesn’t excite you and light you up, chances are it’s not exciting anyone else either, which is why you’re not booking your dream clients.

Your dream clients are looking for that spark, that exciting feeling that makes them want to take action right then and there.

Think about the feeling you get when you walk into your favorite store. You feel excited, happy, and you know you’re going to find something in there that you’ll absolutely love. You’re mentally preparing yourself for the amount of money you’re going to spend there.

Now think about walking into a store that looks and feels mediocre. It looks and feels like any other store - there’s nothing about that store or experience that wows you away.

You want to create a brand that’s like the first one - exciting, refreshing, inspiring, and makes people want to stay.

How can you do that? By creating a unique and strong brand identity that is a reflection of you (if you’re a personal brand), your business, and your ideal clients and customers.

You want to create a brand that makes your dream clients and customers excited about working with and/or buying from you. A brand that establishes credibility, confidence, and clarity.

If your business is in need of a rebrand / brand makeover,

I’d absolutely love to help and support you in this season of growth.

Share in the comments below: How do you currently feel about your own brand? Good, bad, indifferent?


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Molly Ho is a branding and graphic designer for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Her mission is to help you create a brand that will give your dream clients the confidence and clarity they need to hire you. 

She believes in being (and becoming) the kind of person you want to see more of in the world, because change starts with you. And you have the power and capacity to become the person you want to be. 

On the blog, she talks about topics including branding, marketing, social media, body image, and personal development. 

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