4 Simple Steps To Streamlining Your Blogging Process

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Blogging these days isn’t as simple as putting up a blog post and calling it a day anymore. 

You have to plan them days, weeks, and maybe even months in advance. They have to flow with the rest of your editorial calendar otherwise people might not even knowing you have a blog unless they go directly on your site (this was me … well actually, this still is me most of the time). 

Some say it’s like a full time job, but I would say it could easily become three full-time jobs because of all the work that’s involved not only behind-the-scenes but also on the front line as well (engaging with others, building your community, etc.). 

Not only are you the blogger but also the admin, the bookkeeper, the marketer, the salesperson, etc., so it’s really important to automate and streamline your process when you can.


Here are 4 simple, easy to understand steps to streamlining your blogging process: 

1. Create a workflow. 

What does it look like for you to get from point A (no idea) to point B (published post)? 

It really helped me I wrote down everything I did to get a blog post into my queue and onto my blog, because for the first few months, admittedly I wasn’t the most efficient person (even though I was somehow batching tasks at the time). Now I can gather 4 blog posts in a setting and get them all in a queue - and if I work really hard and apply myself (with minimal distractions - because hey I’m not perfect), I can get a whole month’s worth of content in a matter of days.

Here’s how my workflow looks: 

  • Brainstorm idea and thoughts.
  • Outline your blog post.
  • Write the first draft.
  • Proofread and edit.
  • Add in images and graphics.
  • Add in any relevant links.
  • Proofread a second time.
  • Final review. 
  • Schedule to post.
  • Add to editorial calendar.
  • Set up social sharing.


2. Use an editorial calendar. 

I absolutely love scheduling my blog posts one month in advance (if possible), because it just saves so much headache and anxiety. One thing I really struggled with is writing to write in real time - or I guess post in real time. 

But the truth is, just because I wrote something a month ago doesn't mean it won't be relevant anymore. It's called creating evergreen content. Content that will last forever and pretty much always be relevant. This post I wrote on 45 Self-Care Ideas for the Mind, Body, and Soul is an example of an evergreen post. It was relevant in 2017, and it'll still be relevant and useful in 2020.

So instead scrambling each week to decide on what blog post to write and post, schedule at least a few evergreen posts in your niche in advance!

If you're new to blogging or don't have much time to blog, I recommend starting out with 1 blog post a week. Even if you think that's not a lot, it's still better than not having anything at all. You can always work your way up to more, but don't overcommit and stress yourself out. (Trust me, that is NO fun at all.)


3. Batch your tasks.

Instead of working on a million different tasks within an afternoon (which takes up a lot of brain space and mental energy tbh), work on a few or even just one thing! For example, I write multiple blog posts in a single setting, edit them one after the other, and create graphics for them all at once.

Because since I'm already in the headspace of doing a particular task, I don't have to constantly be thinking, "Okay, what's next?" or trying to reinvent the wheel. The wheel has already been invented, and it will make your life so much easier if you work efficiently. 

Some of the tasks that I batch:

  • Creating multiple graphics at once
  • Writing multiple emails in one go (def still working on this one)
  • Editing and proofreading my blog posts at once (I don't combine writing and editing together)
  • Scheduling Instagram and Facebook posts


4. Automate your workflow.

Since I like to write my blog posts in batches, I also schedule them to my editorial calendar in batches as well.

In an ideal world (I say that because I haven't perfected this yet), I would have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and newsletters in sync with my blog posts and the theme of what I'm currently talking about.

Tools and resources that you can use:

  • Instagram: Later, Plann, or Planoly
  • Newsletters: Mailchimp, MailerLite (what I use), or ConvertKit
  • Project management: Asana or Trello


Is there a lot of work involved in blogging? Yes, but are there ways to make it easier and more efficient for yourself? Yes! 

In this day and age, you need to work smart and in the most efficient way possible because there are so many things going on. Plus, there are so many resources and tools out there to help you make this happen. 


I'd love to hear from you. 

What's your biggest pain point when it comes to blogging?

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