Blogging Tips: 4 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer

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Do you see people visiting your site, but they’re quickly leaving?

Or maybe you created this new blog and people aren’t coming at all.

Either way, I’ve got you covered.

When you create a good user experience for people, they will want to stay and keep coming back in the future. Good user experiences can come from many different things.

Content that problem solves, design that inspires, copy that connects, stories that empower, etc.

The question is, how can we improve your site and user experience?


Here are 4 ways to help people stay on your site and blog longer:

1. Create content that provides value.

There are 3 main types of content that people tend to love:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Educational
  3. Entertainment

It’s even better when they’re a mix of something.

If the content you’re creating is mostly fluff without providing any kind of value, people are going to stay.

There’s a reason why people love watching corgi videos (it’s entertainment and makes them feel better) or why they watch a YouTube video on how to make matcha lattes (it provides educational and teaches you a new thing) or why they listen to a podcast (most likley inspirational).

So, ask yourself what kind of content you’re creating and how it’s helping your audience.

How can you make the experience better for them?


2. Create content that connects / resonates with the site visitor.

Have you ever gone on someone’s website and instantly thought, “they get me”?

Or gotten so excited about someone’s website you checked out all their pages and probably stayed on the site for the next hour or so?

That’s the kind of experience you want to create for your site readers.

From the images you use to the words you write, you want it to resonate with your reader.

Tell them your story, put your personality into it, and be yourself. Let them get to know YOU - what you believe in, what your dreams are, and what goals you’re currently working on. Because maybe they have the same beliefs, dreams, and goals.

Not only does this make them stay on your site longer, but it helps them remember who you are and keeps them coming back for more.

There are a million blogs out there that talk about the same things you do, but the reason people stay and keep coming back is because it’s coming from YOU.

3. Make sure your visual designs and aesthetics are on point.

Have you ever stayed on someone’s site longer because of the way it looks?

I mean -- that’s how we make our clothing choices, right? Because the way they look on us and make us FEEL?

So take a minute and ask yourself (honestly) how your site makes you feel.

What kind of experience are you creating for your reader?

A few weeks ago, I tried doing Google AdSense and it just wasn’t working for me so I turned it off. Because I absolutely hate going on someone’s site and seeing ads everywhere - and so I didn’t want my reader to experience that as well.

Having a clean and beautiful website goes a long way.

Imagine if you went to a store and it wasn’t properly organized and there was stuff on the ground everywhere.

Would you go back, or would you go somewhere else?

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4. Link up your content with other content!

Once I started linking my articles up with other articles, I know my page views went up as well.

When people are reading about a particular topic, chances are… they’re interested in related content. And if you don’t provide that for them, they’ll probably go somewhere else.

But if you did provide that? It’ll help them stay on your site longer, while also building trust and credibility.

It’s a win / win.

Make your site easy to navigate. There’s nothing worse than a site where you can find anything (I mean, there are worse things obviously but you know what I mean. Make it easy for people to click around!)

3 ways you can link up your content:

  1. Link a sentence that relates to another blog post.
  2. Add a “(Related: Title of Blog Post)” after a paragraph or major point.
  3. Add a “Related Posts” at the bottom of your blog posts.

So, those are my 4 tips on getting your site visitors and blog readers to stay longer.


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To recap, it’s:

  1. Create content that provides value.
  2. Create content that connects / resonates with the site visitor.
  3. Make sure your visual designs and aesthetics are on point.
  4. Link up your content with other content.


Comment down below and let me know!

Did these tips help? Is there anything you would like to add?


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