Ready To Say Goodbye To 2017? 5 Questions To Help You Reflect This Past Year (Free Workbook!)

It's already December. Can you believe it? 

The best time to reflect on 2017, so we can go into the new year feeling fulfilled, prepared, and have clarity on our goals and dreams in 2018.

This time of the year is busy for all of us which is why I've created a PDF workbook for you to print and fill out on your own time - y'know instead of bookmarking a page you never come back to. Yup, I've been there. ;)


5 Questions To Help You Reflect On 2017

1. What were your goals at the beginning of 2017?

Let's be real. We all made goals for ourselves that we wanted to accomplish in 2017. Some happened while others didn't. So... how did it go for you?

A few more in-depth questions to reflect on:

  • Which ones did you accomplish? Did you struggle with any of them? Or have to change them along the way?
  • How did you do, and how could you do better in 2018? (Ex. How did you hold yourself accountable? Daily check-ins, accountability partner, mastermind?)
  • Did you create SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals for yourself or were they more "airy fairy I hope I accomplish this"? 


2. When did you go outside of your comfort zone? 

... and where there times when you let your fears get to you and hold you back? (No judgment. This happened to me a lot in 2017. Wayyyyy more than I'd like to ever admit...)

A few more in-depth questions to reflect on:

  • Think back to a particular moment when you did and didn't go outside of your comfort zone.
  • What did both of those experiences teach you?
  • How did they make you feel before, during, and after they happened?


3. Are you the same person you were in the beginning of 2017? 

I hope not. Despite what we wrote in each other's yearbooks back in high school, I hope you did change. I hope you challenged yourself this year - that you tried new things and learned from them even if they didn't turn out exactly like how you hoped they would.

A few more in-depth questions to reflect on:

  • Are you more brave, adventurous, bold, empathetic, grounded, etc.?
  • What obstacles and struggles did you go through in 2017 and how did you overcome them?
  • If January 2017 you saw you now, what would past you think?

4. Do you feel like 2017 was well spent?

Personally, 2017 felt like it just flew by. At the same time, I'm feeling really fulfilled and grounded. Because despite my "failures", I learned a lot - experiences and lessons I know will help me in 2018.

A few more in-depth questions to reflect on:

  • Did you have anything breakthroughs / moments of clarity + action?
  • What life lessons did you have to learn again and again until you got them? (I think we all have these...)
  • What were your top 3 favorite moments of 2017 and why? What makes them your favorite?


5. What are your 3 biggest takeaways from 2017?

I am a huge fan of takeaways and life lessons. I mean... one of my longest blog posts ever was 2,700 + words on 24 Life Lessons In 24 Years.

If you want to grow as a person, it's essential that you reflect on your experiences so you can think and plan on how you can do better the next time around.

No in-depth questions on this one, but honestly... you can go as in-depth as you want with this one. 

Here are my 3 biggest takeaways from 2017:

  1. Giving myself more credit.
  2. To stop complaining, being a victim, and start taking action. 
  3. My Europe trip. Pssst... click here to read about it.


I actually have a 4th biggest takeaway that I'd like to share:

Done is better than perfect.

Perfection doesn't exist, but it will hold you back. 

The truth is your reflection won't be perfect, your 2018 won't be perfect, but you know what? It has the chance to be really, really good. Or you know what? It might not be good at all! And that's totally okay too.

Another way of saying: Show up for yourself in 2018. Make it your best year yet.


I'd love to hear from you.

What is YOUR one biggest takeaway from 2017? Share with me in the comments below!