5 Things We All Need More Of To Help Us Grow

5 Things We All Need More Of To Help Us Grow | Life Advice | Personal Development | Mindset & Mindfulness

Perfectionism. Comparison. Shiny object syndrome.

These are just a few of the things we common and often struggle with. They are also things that often hold us back from moving forward and becoming the person we want to be.

So how do we move forward? How do we grow and become the person our hearts desire us to be?


I’ve listed 5 things we all need more of to help us grow. As human beings, as women, and as soul searchers.

1. Permission to make mistakes.

There is constant angst and anxiety around wanting life to be perfect and having life all figured out already, but the reality is that we are going to make a lot of mistakes in our lives. Mistakes are an essential part of life. There’s no way getting around them; the only way is through.

When we give ourselves full permission, we bring freedom, space, and peace into our lives. To learn, to make mistakes, to experiment, to fall and stumble, and to grow. To become the people our hearts desire to be. To do more of the things that make us want to get out of bed. To find out the things we don’t like doing, so we can get closer to the things we do like doing.


2. A community built on empathy, trust, and vulnerability.

Sometimes, we stumble upon things we weren’t expecting and didn’t even know we were looking for. Wholehearted Woman is one of them. To be surrounded by people who support you - not only during the good times, but are with you through the bad times too. To know that you’re not alone and that other people can resonate with what you’re going through. To be able to wear your heart on your sleeve and to talk about what matters to your heart the most.

If our lives are a continuous journey of discovery and growth, then we need to be surrounded by people who not only understand that, but want it in their own lives as well. Because as the quote goes, we are the result of the five people we spend the most time with. Our vibe attracts our tribe, and the world we live in needs more empathy and more people who are willing to be real and get vulnerable with us.


3. Less notifications. It's time turn down the noise and up the intentions.

We live in a society that encourages and supports us in being busy, which often equals to noise and a whole lot of it. We are encouraged to constantly have our phones on and our laptops open. The first thing we check in the morning is our email, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. In our modern society, we want to be constantly “connected” with one another, which often comes with an invisible price tag.

The more we fill our head with noise, whether it’s the television in the background or our friend’s Snapchat story playing on the subway, the less room and space we have for our own thoughts. When that happens over and over again, we start to lose a piece of who we are. Our identity, our voices, our ideas, our creativity, and our imagination. The ideas we have aren’t ours anymore, but a puzzle piece of what we picked up from other people along the way.



4. Courageous creativity.

It’s easy to play it safe and live within our comfort zones, but when we do that, we do not give ourselves the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, creatively, etc. To step outside of your comfort zone takes great courage and to stay outside of your comfort zone takes even greater courage. Anyone who has ever done this will tell you that it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. What’s on the other side of the mountain is worth the journey.

Growing up, we created a list of “should’s” and “need to’s” inside our heads. Expectations set by other people and sometimes with good intentions. We tell ourselves we "should" do this and we "need" to do that. But then what happens when we don’t? Emotional rollercoasters, shame, and self-blame. We tell ourselves that we’re not good enough and that we’ll never measure up to anything in life.

We need to break this vicious cycle of blame, self-hatred, and feelings of not being enough. Because we are enough. Right here, right now.

To live a courageous and creative life means to let go of the status quo and everything you’ve ever been taught that you should or need to do in order to be society's idea of success. It means to follow your heart and to trust your intuition. To be yourself even if there are people out there who won’t like it or won’t understand. To be authentic even if it means being vulnerable. More often than that, it means doing the scariest thing you've ever done.


5. An abundant amount of awareness and self-love.

Most of us, at one point or another, have felt like a failure. Failed ourselves, failed others, and failed at everything we’ve ever done. But we haven’t. We found another way that didn’t work for us, which brought us closer to the ways and things that do and will work for us.

From conversations I’ve had to my own personal experiences, life is a bumpy road full of high expectations and a bucket load of fear to go with it.

Self-love takes a great deal of awareness and acceptance. To love yourself unconditionally, unapologetically, and wholeheartedly, despite the circumstances and conditions. Because you’re in love with who you are, as in your very core existence.

To be yourself anyway, in a society that is constantly trying to convince you that it’s better to be someone else. To believe in yourself, your voice, and your vision.


5 Things We All Need More Of To Help Us Grow | Life Advice | Personal Development | Mindset & Mindfulness

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Share with me in the comments below: What do you think we all need more of?

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