5 Time Management Tips For A More Productive Week

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Despite being on planet Earth for many, many years, I have struggled with time management for just as many years.

But I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten much better at managing my time and getting things done more efficiently and smoothly this year, so I wanted to share some my tips with you.

Since you’re here for time management, I’ll get right to it!


5 Time Management Tips For A More Productive Week


1. Use a scheduler.

I use Google Calendar to schedule all my calls and time block out activities, but I’ll use a paper calendar for keeping track of my daily habits and priorities. I really love being able to cross things off and checking off that checkbox.

At the end of the day, you have to use whatever works for you. And you might have to experiment with a few ways to see which one works for you.

I’ve created a daily, weekly, and monthly planner / scheduler for you to use. Click here to get it!


2. Audit your time and lifestyle.

How are you doing? Where is all of your energy, time, and attention going? How many times a day do you check your phone or get distracted? Do you reply to someone instantly every time a text message or email comes?

See where most of your time is going and eliminate your distractions. So for me, I know that whenever I go on Snapchat, I get sucked in. For a lot of people, it’s Facebook (and if it is, you can download a Google Chrome extension called ‘Kill News Feed’ and it makes your newsfeed blank whenever you go on facebook.com - this is great for me, because I can see what’s going on in my favorite FB groups and not get sucked into the newsfeed.)


3. Batch your activities together into chunks.

It’s taking the concept of single tasking a bit further. So instead of jumping from task to task, you focus on one thing at a time for a larger amount of time. So whenever I’m writing, I write for hours. So I’ll be writing this blog post and probably several others.

I’ve stopped checking my email and other things so much as a result (a work in progress because I do still end up getting distracted). But the great thing about this is that the project or task in front of you has your full attention and the results will be better. Yay for better results!


4. Planning ahead for your own success.

I plan my whole week on Sundays. I write down a list of all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do that will help me get closer to my goals, and then I break it down into small action steps if needed so it doesn’t seem as scary and there’s less of a chance of me procrastinating because I know exactly what I need to be doing on each day of the week.

Additionally, I’ll also update my to do list for the next day every night depending on what I did or didn’t get done. Sometimes, we over plan or under plan, so it’s always a good idea to check in with where you’re at.

You can also review your daily schedule every morning to check in with yourself on top priorities and other things you have to keep in mind that might come up.


5. Set aside time for creative flow and deep thinking.

This idea came from Skillshare’s CEO, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, where he sets aside time for “deep work”.

I love this, because a lot of us are visionaries and creativities, and so I’ve learned that while doing the daily work and showing up is important, so is having space to dream and visualize and create space for yourself to do bigger and better things.

Sometimes, we can get into a headspace of “task, task, task” - y’know, the hustle. But give yourself time to rest, recharge, and recover. Give yourself the space to think outside of the box; you don’t have to be hustling and be busy doing something every second of the day. That’s the fastest way to burn out - to expect something of yourself every single of the day.

I’m serious. Don’t do this. Do not overwork yourself.

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