5 Tips To Help You Get Started With Writing From The Heart

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Have you ever read something that just stuck a chord with you? And you felt inspired to take action? To learn more about the writer and read more of their work? Learn more about who they are and how you could possibly be friends with them?

I believe that the best forms of writing come from the heart.

Because writing isn’t about being perfect; it’s about putting yourself out there way before you’re ever ready. to It's about embracing who you are, your voice, your story, your passion, and your heart. It's about putting your personality and imagination into it.

Your writing is about you, but it's also about them. It's about forming a bond and trusting the other people.

So how does one get started with writing from the heart?


Here are my 5 writing tips to help you get started with writing from the heart:


1. Find your creative hours.

Some people call them power hours or being “in the zone”, but everyone has their time of day when their creativity is at its peak. When their zone of genius comes out. When their ideas and imagination wants to play.

For me, it’s the hours between 10 pm and 3 am. That’s when I really write from the heart and soul. It’s also the time of night when I feel most vulnerable, honest, and open about my experiences, which is my zone of genius and what I enjoy writing about (I’ll talk about this in the next point).

Unless you’ve taken on a big project like writing a book, you’re on a tight deadline, or the majority of your craft is writing itself, you don’t have to be writing all the time. You can find your creative hours and write then. Start out small and then build on it.

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2. Write from the heart about your passions.

Are you a solo female traveler? Do you enjoy getting to the culture of the places you travel to? Or the different types of cuisine that you eat? Or maybe you enjoy spending time at local coffee shops. Write about these experiences. How they made you feel, how the experiences changed you, any lessons you may have learned,...

And write from the heart. Put your voice and personality into it. That is what is going to help you attract your audience. Your tribe. Your people. Don’t write something people can read from any book at the bookstore.

What makes you, you? How will people recognize you and your writing? Your voice?

Read what you write out loud. Does it flow? Does it sound like something you would actually say to a friend? Does it sound like something you yourself would want to read? Don’t be afraid to revise, but also don’t revise so much that it doesn’t even sound like you anymore.



3. Be willing to be a beginner.

We all have to start somewhere, right?

Do not compare your beginnings to someone else’s middle. It’s not fair to you or them. You’re just starting out, testing the waters, seeing what’s working and not working. There is beauty and grace in being a beginner, such as not having as many expectations or pressure. Trust me, you need neither of those two things in the beginning.

Someone who has been doing this for a longer period of time worked really hard to find their style, their voice, their passion, etc.

You are completely capable of doing all those things too, but you have to start and you have to continue.

Do not worry about being perfect. Trust me, there is no time when you’re going to feel like “you’re completely ready for everything”. Our minds are often filled with all kinds of ideas. One after another after another.

Shiny objection syndrome? Fear of missing out? Comparirtis? Any of those ring a bell?

Dear friends, the only way is through. You have to go through the process. You will not wake up one day and become a mastermind at writing if you do not put in the work, the time, the energy, the heart, the passion, and everything else in-between. You will not get there if you do not start.

You have to start somewhere, so start here.

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4. Letting go and putting your first draft out there.

Don’t worry about if it sounds good. Or if anyone will respond. Chances are, neither of those things will be happening anytime soon. It takes time to find your style, your voice, your brand. Give yourself that time.

Everyone is in a rush to get a big following. To be known and recognizable, but it’s not about that. It’s about writing that inspires, encourages, and connects. Do people connect with you? Do people love what you’re putting out there? But mostly, do you? Are you connecting with your own writing? Are you in love with what you’re putting out there? Can you see yourself doing this for another 5 years?

Do you read something of yours and think, “Yup, that’s me. That’s my story.”

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be real. It has to come from the heart. Your heart. Messy is better than perfect.

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5. Write with discipline and consistency.

It’s not enough to just start. You have to keep going at it. You’re not going to run a whole marathon by running one time around the block, just like you’re not going to write an entire book by writing one page on one day. You have to show up on that block every day ready to tie up those lace and get going.

It’s the same with your writing.

What are you passionate about? When are your creative hours? Show up for yourself and your writing every day and /o or accordingly to your goals. Set a schedule for yourself and keep yourself accountable.

Because the only way to get better is to do it and to do it often.


Share in the comments below: What stops you from writing more? Or what stops you from even starting to write?