6 Ways Vulnerability Helps Us Grow

6 Ways Vulnerability Helps Us Grow | Personal Development | Life Advice | Mindset

Have you noticed that we talk a lot about vulnerability here?

It's one of my absolute favorite topics to talk about and one of my favorite things to be, because vulnerability is how we connect in an honest way and how we grow as human beings.

A lot of us tend to shy away from vulnerability, because of fear. Fear of pain, rejection, judgment, and shame. Fear that we are not good enough. Fear that others will see right through us. Fear that we will fall short of other's expectations. But to be vulnerable is to be human.


I can certainly understand the fears and doubts, because I have them too. 

Actually, I have a lot of them. But I want it in my life and I want people around me who are willing and brave enough to be vulnerable with me, because I crave those deep, honest, and real conversations. I want to hear stories, I want to hear about how people got to where they are today, and I want to know where they plan on going. I want to know about their dreams, their ambitions, and their vision.

I want to go beyond the fear, and maybe you do too.


here are 6 ways in which vulnerability helps us grow:

1. You learn that it’s not that big of a deal if you’re imperfect, because everyone is.

When we share our imperfections and flaws with others on social media and in real life, what we often hear is that the person on the other side doesn’t have it all together either, despite what appearances may suggest. No matter where you are in your journey, there is someone who can relate to the struggles and speed bumps you’re experiencing.


2. You find and create the courage and strength to ask for help from others.

We all stumble and fall, more often than we would like to admit. When we are wiling to admit that we need help and support from others, we can move forward and grow. But until you talk to others and admit that you need help (which is not an easy feat), you will continue running in the same circles you’ve been running in. You’ll stay stuck in your mind thinking that you’ll “figure it out” if you just “think some more", but the truth is... if you knew how to help yourself get to the next level, you would have already done it by now.


3. You bring forgiveness and trust back into your life.

When life gets hard and painful to deal with, we have to start being honest with ourselves. We have to be willing to let the things that didn’t work out so well go, so we can create room and space in our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls for better things to come in. In order to do that, we need to be willing to forgive and trust again. Not only others, but ourselves. Especially ourselves. And with that comes a healthy, big dose of self-love.


4. You realize how brave, strong, and amazing you are / can be.

We can either spend the rest of our days wishing we could go back in time to change something, or we can learn from our past experiences to create better ones. Emotions and feelings are not easy things to deal with, especially when it feels like life is throwing one curveball after another at you. When there is struggle, there is also strength. Strength to practice gratitude, to keep going, to believe in yourself, and to stay strong. When we open our hearts, we hear the whispers of our own voices.


5. You encourage and inspire others to grow as well.

If we want to see change in the world, we have to plant the seeds in ourselves first. If we want to live in a world that celebrates and encourages kindness, peace, love, community, and brave action, we have to set the example. If we look at those who encourage and inspire us, it is often those who are willing to be vulnerable, open, and transparent with us. While perfection may look nice from the outside, it is often not something we can relate to. Being human and real is something we can all relate to.


6. You begin to claim your space in the world, unapologetically.

Most of us grew up in a space where we were taught that others knew better than us, so we should not value our own thoughts and opinions. We should value everyone else before ourselves. But somewhere along the way, you started realizing that the person you wanted to become was not the person others expected you to be. When we decide to be our own person, we start to say, “This is me and this is my story.” That’s where the growth and magic happens.


6 Ways Vulnerability Helps Us Grow | Personal Development | Life Advice | Mindset

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