8 Skillshare Classes That Will Make Hand Lettering More Fun

If you're on social media, have ever been to a coffee shop, or just walk outside, chances are you know what hand lettering is.

Hand lettering is all the rage nowadays and for good reason! It's fun, it looks nice, and it makes a great Instagram photo.

And there are so many ways to have even more fun and be creative with it: making it digital and putting it online, turning it into a GIF, creating chalkboard murals, doing creative designs like botanicals, etc. all of which you can find tutorials to below. We're all busy human beings, so I went through the trouble of finding the good tutorials and classes for you. These are all relatively short - most under 30 minutes.

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1. Lettering in the Wild

Time: 14 minutes | 4 videos

You can create so many cool, awesome things with this. I mean, I could totally see a travel blogger who also happens to love to hand letter and putting a whole new twist on things. Actually, now that I think of it... I want to do that.

Plus, you could also add in the feature of video too and make your videos even cooler with hand lettering thrown in.

I mean, the possibilities are endless!

Click here to take the class.

2. Shading Letters in Illustrator

Time: 18 minutes | 8 videos

I love that Jamie, the course creator, leads you through the process step-by-step. Honestly, she is like a hand lettering guru. A left handed hand lettering guru at that - super cool. Plus her instructions are pretty easy to follow along.

Definitely recommend if you plan on digitalizing your work.

Click here to take the class.

3. Hand Lettered GIFs

Time: 14 minutes | 8 videos

Why stick with one style when you can go a little crazy with a few other styles and make your hand lettering move around? Plus, GIFs are loved by everyone.

I've haven't seen a ton (or any actually, not that I've been intentionally looking for them) hand lettered GIFs yet, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, here's your chance! Again, so many possibilities here. You could do some fun things with this like putting some hand lettering on your photos - it would make for great branding for those with a fun, vibrant, and playful personality. Just an idea. :)

Click here to take the class.


4. Monoline Lettering: From Sketch to Screen

Time: 25 minutes | 5 videos

You neeeeed to take this class, because heart eyes!!! I mean - just look at the thumbnail. That's pretty enough to get your attention, right? Because it was definitely enough to get mine.

Definitely doing this, because this is right up my alley and practically screaming my name. Also, go check out other people's projects, because there are some really beautiful creations in there.

Click here to take the class.

5. Hand Lettering for Chalk Murals

Time: 38 minutes | 9 videos

This class is taught by Lauren Hom, also known as Hom Sweet Home and the letterer behind the book "Daily Dishonesty". If you haven't heard of her or seen her work, you need to go check out her website right now because her work is just amazing, so clean, and polished.

If you've ever been curious about chalkboard lettering, this is the course for you! And who better to learn it from than Lauren Hom herself?

Click here to take the class.



6. Create a Botanical Alphabet

Time: 30 minutes | 6 videos

I loveeee when people add their own twist or style to hand lettering, and this one is no exception!

This is for all you plant-loving, succulent obsessed hand letterers out there. (Actually, I think I'm talking about myself!) But seriously, if someone did this constantly everyday on Instagram, I'm willing to bet they could put a loyal following on there fast.

When you combine beautiful lettering with good natural lighting and nature, anything is possible.

Click here to take the class.

7. Digitize Your Own Calligraphy: From Logo to Letterpress

Time: 27 minutes | 9 videos

In this workshop, Belinda teaches you how to digitize your own calligraphy and helps to make the process of letter pressing less scary and intimidating for people who aren't familiar with it but would like to try (i.e. me) and she does a really good job of explaining and leading you through the process. If you're ever thought of combining your hand lettering and letterpress to make biz cards everyone will love and swoon over, this course is for you.

Click here to take the class.



8. Lettering Inside Figures

Time: 28 minutes | 7 videos

Because there are so many awesome things you can do with hand lettering, and this is another one of them.

Her class is very easy to follow along with - and cats! I mean, if there's a cat on the thumbnail, that's all you need to get my attention. But really, who doesn't want to be more creative with their lettering? It's time to take your lettering to the next level.

Click here to take the class.

8 Hand Lettering Tutorials and Videos | Online Lettering Classes | How To Hand Letter For Beginners | Where To Learn Hand Lettering Online | DIY Tutorials | Hand Lettering For Beginners | Where To Learn Hand Lettering | Creativity | Skillshare Online Courses
8 Hand Lettering Tutorials and Videos | Online Lettering Classes | How To Hand Letter For Beginners | Where To Learn Hand Lettering Online | DIY Tutorials | Hand Lettering For Beginners | Where To Learn Hand Lettering | Creativity | Skillshare Online Courses

I hope you try all of these, because they look super fun!! I'm going to set a few weekends aside to go through some (i.e. all) of these.

Super easy to follow along with and learn as you go, even if you are a beginner.

Let that creativity of yours run wild.


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