The Night Owl Is Back + What It’s Like Being A Night Owl

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Some of us are morning people, while others of us are night owls.

I’ve been both at different points of my life.

There have been times when I woke up at 5 am ready for my morning run. 
And there have also been times when I was prepared to go to sleep at 5 am after staying up all night to work on a project. 

But if I had to choose one, I would mostly likely go with being a night owl. 


There’s just something I absolutely love about working when no one else is awake.

Maybe that’s when my introverted personality comes into play, too. I love working by myself; I did not like it back in grade school when a teacher said “Class, we’re doing a group project".

I’m the kind of person who’s totally okay with working in complete silence. Hours will go by until I realize that I’ve been sitting in complete silence. (Ironically, there have also been times - a lot of times - when I've binge watched three different shows in a week. That’s when you know I’m avoiding doing something.) 

If you had met me a few years ago, I didn’t have a strong work ethic. I was the kind of student that did all her homework, but truth to be told, I didn’t study for the tests. Mostly because I knew I could get passing grades with doing the homework and getting a barely passing grade on the tests. 

Y’know how you hear people say they’ve matured? I would like to think that’s me.


Since starting Wholehearted Woman, I’ve become a lot more self-aware, kind, and patient. 

I might even say that I trust and believe in myself now.

Also, I now understand why so many businesses fail within the first year. It is not an easy journey by any means. 

Recently, I had to get really honest with myself. I knew I had to change something, because the route I was going down wasn’t going to lead to anywhere good - if it lead to anywhere at all. A question I always ask myself during my self check-in’s is: “If every day for the next year looked like today, where would you be a year from now?” 

Because the reality is that our actions determine our reality. 

You can’t expect to get to the finish line of a marathon if you just sit on the sidewalk.

Sometimes, you have to be willing to ask yourself those really tough questions. Like why you’re even doing this and if you’re still on course. And sometimes, the answer is no. 

But I’m getting a little off course here. 

The reason why I’m writing this is because there are a lot of morning people out there with great advice on how to be a morning person. 

However, my best ideas come at night. My creative soul, intuition, whatever you want to call it goes to sleep at around 9 am and often can’t be found again until 9 pm. 

…. which can be a little scary because being a night owl comes with its own set of challenges. 

As some of you may or may not know, Wholehearted Woman was originally going to be an online publication (magazine and blog). Creating the magazine meant a lot of late nights and early mornings. It also meant a lot of tears, fears, and everything in-between. 

But the thing I remember most (and my biggest lesson from it) was burning out i.e. lack of self-care and compassion. The truth is that I struggle with it. Like, a lot. 

And the second part of that truth is that I haven’t figured it out yet, but I wanted to share my journey with you while I’m in the midst of it.

The reason why I’m going back into “night owl mode” is I’m starting on a new project and I need that creative soul to come out. 


You don’t have to have all the answers to start something, but you do have to make the decision to start.


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