Exciting News At Wholehearted Woman: What’s Been Happening & What’s Coming

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Hey, friends! 

Have you ever gone on a path with one intention and totally ended up somewhere completely different but still with the same philosophy and mission in mind? 

Well, that’s what’s currently happening over here at Wholehearted Woman. 

In fact, Wholehearted Woman started off as a digital magazine. But after the first release, I realized it was more than I intended as a one-woman show. 

So, after all, this turned into an online blog focused on personal growth and storytelling. 


Well, now it’s time for another transition. 

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere. Neither is the personal growth content.

But we’re (it's actually only me) adding something new and exciting. 

As you know, I strongly believe in sharing your story and voice with the world, because someone out there needs to hear it.

And sometimes, that someone is us. 



I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and asking myself what the next chapter of Wholehearted Woman is. 

And it’s this: Helping you build and grow your personal brand, because the truth is, you already are your personal brand. *

So why not intentionally build a personal brand that reflects your values, beliefs, story, and life experiences? 

Because we have all gone through some kind of hardship and struggle before, right? Well, why not share that with others? 

That’s the next chapter of Wholehearted Woman. Helping you build your personal brand while working on your personal growth, because one does not come without the other. 


So, what’s coming next? 

A design shop, where creativity meets functionality and soul. 

Because in life and in business, you need all three. 

This design shop is going to include: brand style guides, moodboards, media kits, pricing guides, business cards, and blog / social packs. 

Oh, and I’ll be giving you a crash course on InDesign. (Trust me, it’s not as scary or confusing as you think!) 



So, why this and why now? 

Growing up, I’ve always loved creating and putting things together.

(Hence, why Wholehearted Woman started off as a digital magazine. Words and pictures mixed together? Sign me up!) 

When I first learned to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I instantly fell in love. 


Here’s how I see it: 

We’re all great at something, but the truth is we can’t be great at everything. (Trust me, I’ve tried.) 

Well, I’m really good at designing things and putting them together. Like I said, where creativity meets functionality and soul. 

So instead of you sitting in front of your laptop trying to figure all this stuff out, why not create a way for me to help you? 

Just because you can DIY something, doesn’t mean you always should. 

Let me rephrase that last sentences. Sometimes, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Or maybe not.

Maybe you’re going to see the design shop and think “Who would ever buy that?” and that’s okay, because we’re all different and we see things differently. 

If your goal is to connect with and reach more soulful, wholehearted human beings, then this is for you. 


Once the design shop is launched, I'll be writing a "12 Days to Launch" blog post sharing the journey, what I've learned, what you can learn, etc. along with all the emotions and feelings that come up when we dive into our creativity and soulful work. 


Because as you probably already know, when we’re doing something new and outside of our comfort zone, things like imposter syndrome and fear start to come up. 

I’m really excited to be starting this with you, and I hope you’re excited too! 


Talk soon,



Hi there! I'm Molly, the founder of Wholehearted Woman. Here to help women show up online in a way that looks good and feels good too. 

Be the voice you needed to hear when you were younger and share your story. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable, because it could change someone's life. 

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