Happy New Year! Here’s How To Not Let Your Perfection Get To You Today.

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Happy New Year, friends! 

What an exciting time of the year, but it can often be very stressful and anxiety inducing as well. 

Every year is always so different. Some are full of excitement, while others feel like complete overwhelm. 

As a former (and sometimes even current) perfectionist, it can feel like a lot of pressure.

The good news is that you're the one putting the pressure on yourself, so you're also the one with the power to take that pressure off of yourself. The not so good news is ... easier said than done, right? 


This year, I prepared myself. 

I gave myself time to reflect on 2017 and prepare for 2018. 

In fact, I even wrote out a "2018 game plan" for myself. The best part? It only took me a couple of hours! 3 hours max. 

Actually, no. The best part is that I didn't overcommit myself and try to put 500 things on my to do list. Can anyone relate? *insert hand emoji*

Lesson learned on that one...

It may have taken me a couple of times to learn my lesson (and by "a couple", I mean like ... at least 20 times ...) but eventually, I learned my lesson (because that's the important part, right?). Because going through burn out and exhaustion over and over again gets ...tiring. 


I wanted to send you some encouragement and love today, because I know how mean we can be to ourselves sometimes.

Today doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to go "according to plan". 

If you end up having a bad day today? You're going to be okay. 

You didn't "ruin everything". You can still have a good week, month, and year.


Let today be today - without all the pressure.

Y'know, instead of expecting yourself to do the 50 things on your list. 

Determine what your top 3 priorities are - and do those. 

Because you are not a robot who is set up to do one thing after another without a break. 

Not to mention we are often our own worst critics. 

Today, choose not to criticize yourself or judge yourself or say mean things to yourself.


Want to be in on a little secret?

I was nervous about writing this post. 

Even after 100 posts, I still get nervous about it sometimes. 

Imposter syndrome still happens. 

Feeling not good enough still happens.

Wondering if my writing is any good still lingers in my mind.

But you know what? 

Done is better than perfect.

And I'm done with trying to be perfect.

So maybe this isn't going to be the best post I ever write. So what?

Last year, I decided to say goodbye to being perfect and trying to be because:

  1. I was allowing my "perfectionism" to hold me back from taking action, which just stressed me out more as a result.
  2. Perfection doesn't exist. It's not attainable! Don't go chasing after it.

Don't let your perfectionism stop you from taking action today. 

Let whatever you do be enough and work on improving - because that's a lot whole better than doing something once and never showing up again.

Just wanted to remind you of how amazing you already are. :)


Sending you love and hugs,