How Being 24 Feels

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Sometimes, I still can’t believe I’m actually 24.

It takes me a minute to process when someone asks me how old I am. Like I’m about to say I’m in my late twenties or early twenties, until I remember I’m really 24 years old.

It’s not that I think 24 is a bad age to be, but it’s weird how quickly time goes by. When you’re a kid, all you hear about is how quickly time goes by - until it actually happens to you, too.


At the same time, it feels like I’ve lived so many lives.

I’m not the same person that walked across the podium to get her high school diploma. Or that girl who walked into her first support group for people struggle with depression and bipolar disorder.

Just in the past year, so much has changed. And it’s going to continue to change every year after this, because I can’t imagine a life where I do the same thing day after day and year after year.


I can’t. I don’t want to, so I won’t.

My boyfriend sent me this cartoon of this little stick figure the other day that’s standing comfortably and smiling inside of his comfort zone box and he runs outside of it screaming “AHHHHHHH” and does the scary thing and then runs as quickly as possible back in.

That feels like me. That really feels like me.

And I really want to get outside of my comfort zone, but I’m also really scared if I’m being honest.


But there’s one good thing: Your comfort zone expands every time you leave.

Your comfort zone gets bigger.

Some people step out in big leaps, while others put one foot in front of the other one step at a step. And then there are the people who never leave their comfort zone box.

There are so many ways to live out your twenties. The question is: How do you want to live yours?

Because what we choose to do today affects what we can do tomorrow.

Your twenties are a fantastic time to get outside of your comfort zone and experiment. I’m not saying you should quit your job today and go travel tomorrow, unless you have a solid plan and have research all of this already. But a lot of us don’t have a lot of huge obligations right now like kids, mortgages, etc.


We have fears and doubts, but that’s another thing.

Everyone has fears and doubts.

I have fears and doubts. Like all the time. Literally, all the freaking time to the point where I just get annoyed at myself sometimes. (And I’m pretty sure other people get annoyed with me, too. But I'm learning and I'm okay with that. I'm okay with going at my own pace.)

Please live a life that’s interesting and exciting and that aligns with your values, because what they say is true: It's better to look back on life and say: "'I can't believe I did that.' than to look back and say: 'I wish I did that.’"

And trust me, I get it. Money is a real fear for me and it’s a really deep fear. I get so emotional whenever money comes up. One of the things I want to do most is travel the world, but I’ve been saying that for years now and I haven’t traveled all that much. Maybe a bit more than people who haven’t traveled at all, but not nearly as much as I’d like.

But like Gary V. says, you’re so young. I’m so young, and I don’t think we actually realize how much time we really have.

So what if you don’t have life figured out yet? So what if you don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life yet? So what?


There’s so much potential and opportunity available.

Don’t waste any more time worrying about how much time you've lost or how old you are or if it’s too late. It’s not. It's not too late.

You’re not late to the party. You’ve just arrived. Being twenty-four feels amazing, because I'm more mature than my seventeen year old self, but at the same time, it feels like life is only just beginning and that's exciting. This is the only beginning of something really awesome, so remember to give yourself a break because chances are, you're doing much better than you give yourself credit for.




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