How Much Content Should You Give Away For Free?

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One common question a lot of content creators, bloggers, business owners, etc. have is, “How much content / information should I give away for free?”

Honestly? I think you should give everything away for free.

Gary Vee once said something that really made me think: “If you don’t give it away for free, someone else will.”

And that is so true. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

The truth is… you can find pretty much anything on the Internet if you look hard enough. Or if you know where and how to look.

And you might get angry at me saying this (and it might sound contradictory to what I’ve said in the past but…): Your content is probably not all that unique. They can find it somewhere else.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “If I give away all my content for free, how am I going to sell my products / services?”

Okay, let’s think about all the people who have been doing this for a while. The whole Internet thing. People who have been giving away information for free for at least a few years. People who have hundreds (maybe even thousands) of blog articles, YouTube videos, or podcasts on their platform.  

Chances are, they’re probably selling something -- and a lot of it too.

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Here’s the thing: When you give away good content, trust and credibility is built.

You are no longer just another voice on the Internet. You are a trusted and reliable voice that they’ll come to know, love, and share with others. And over time, they start to see that you know what you’re actually talking about and that you genuinely care.

Now they want to hear from you. They want your perspective, your experience, and your knowledge.

That’s why it’s so important to add your own personality and perspective into your content, because you can find general content everywhere. But what makes your content uniquely yours?

Is it the design? The way something looks?

Is it the storytelling? The way something sounds?

Is it the way you explain things? The way it’s formatted?

I mean -- let’s talk about water for a second. Can we all agree that there are many different water brands out there? And that they’re all out there making money?

Have you ever thought about why you buy a certain water brand over another?

Is it because that’s what you’ve always had and what your parents had? Is it because of the packaging? Or design? Or taste?

(Or maybe you don’t and you buy whatever’s available.)

You could drink filtered water at home, but there’s a reason why you buy bottled water.

Just like how people can find all the free information they want on the Internet, but still pay for things like courses and templates, etc.

And the truth is.... the people who are going to do it themselves (the DIYers) were never going to buy from you anyway. (A friend once told me this and it made a lot of sense.)

The least you could do is help them help you increase your traffic / page views or YouTube watch time, right?

But I want to hear from you. What do you think? Give away all the information for free, or no?

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