Intentional Living: How To Create A Morning Ritual That Will Last

How To Create A Morning Ritual That Will Last | Life Advice |  Intentional Living | Self-Care | Personal Growth & Development

Being a millennial and a social media obsessed junkie, I’ve created this bad habit for myself of checking my phone first thing in the morning. Near the end of 2016, I started turning my notifications off. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, email. All of it.

As millennials, we’ve learned to depend on our phones. For everything. Instead of calling, we text. Instead of seeing each other, we Snapchat. Instead of hanging out with our friends, we Instagram.

And we always want to know what everyone else is doing. In fact, we probably spend more time worrying about what other people are doing than what we ourselves are doing. In this time and age, there’s so much noise going around all the time. I needed a way to unplug in my daily life - to find some calmness and peace. To listen to my own voice and thoughts once in awhile without everyone chiming in at all directions.

At first, it was weird. Having to tap into my messages to see if I have any new messages, but after a while, I learned to adjust.

When we make changes in our lives, it feels weird and uncomfortable at first. But we learn to adjust.


How we spend the first hour of our day really sets the tone for the rest of our day, which is why we’re talking about creating a morning ritual today.

If you’re like most Americans today, your morning goes something like this... you’ve pressed snooze 7 times and you’ve just pressed snooze again, knowing that it’ll only give you 5 minutes. Two minutes later, you sheepishly grab your phone and start checking your email, Facebook notifications, Instagram feed, Snapchat stories, etc. and then your alarm goes off again. Before even getting out of bed, your mind is already all over the place. You already have that feeling of needing to be everywhere at once.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

Journal. Mediate. Exercise. Drink water. Eat breakfast.

And you’ve tried. You’ve tried to do all of it, but it didn’t stick. You managed to do it successfully for a certain amount of time and then something happened. Something always happens, right?

You think to yourself, “It’s okay to miss one day.” And at first, you really only do miss one day, because you always pick it back again. But then you start missing two days at a time and then it’s suddenly a week at a time. Then out of nowhere, you realized that you’ve completed stopping doing it.


So how do we create a morning ritual that will last?

We need to define our why.

When we set goals without defining our why, we’re essentially setting ourselves up for failure. You need to set yourself up for success.

After your initial motivation wears off, things are going to get hard and bumpy real fast.

Our why is the foundation of our goals, and our goals need purpose. When times get hard, we need a purpose to keep going. We need to passionate and intentional about the goals we set for ourselves.

At the beginning of every year, people start the goal of exercising and eating better. In January, it’s easy because you have that initial motivation and fire. You’re ready to roll, ready to burn, ready for the world. But like everything else, things are eventually going to slow down and reality is going to hit.


Having “overnight results” is not going to happen.

And that’s when people start to drop their goals like hot potatoes.

Eventually, you’ll realize that you have to do the work and this is where your “why” comes in.

  • Why do you want to eat better?
  • Why do you want to start journaling?
  • Why do you want to pursue your passion?

Why, why, why?

Because once you define your why, you are saying to yourself, “This is a priority for me.” Your self-care becomes a priority. Your dreams become a priority. Your writing becomes a a priority.

You become a priority to yourself.


Say to yourself, “I am a priority.”

When you make yourself a priority and start valuing yourself, you stop doing all the things that are harming you. Like browsing your phone for 20 minutes before getting out of bed, or eating junk for breakfast.

We need to make ourselves a priority.

Make yourself a priority in 2017.