Monthly Goals: August 2017

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Wow, isn’t it crazy that it’s already August? (I know I probably say that at the beginning of every month along with the rest of the world.)

Honestly, I’m not the most disciplined or productive person. And I don’t always work smart.

But I am trying to change. This year has really been a year of changing, experimenting, doing, and me showing up. (Well, after I stay hidden for a couple of months. If you look through the archives, you can see I disappeared for a while there.)

I love looking through people’s income reports on their blogs and seeing how they changed and improved their process over time, but since I’m not making any money from this blog + website yet, I’d thought I’d do monthly reports of my goals, habits, projects, etc.

So here’s a list of what I have going on this month and a breakdown of everything.



July was a month of showing up even when I was scared out of my mind. I’ve not the most talkative person, hence why you’re on a blog and not a YouTube channel, so talking to new people was really outside of my comfort zone. And I did exactly that, a lot.

July taught me that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. There’s no one defining moment. You can always get back up again. A bad hour doesn’t have to turn into a bad day. If you’re willing enough, you can always change your mindset, perspective, and attitude. Life is what you choose to make it out to be, and there’s always a choice involved.

august goals

Wholehearted Woman

  1. Send out weekly newsletters. I know I’m always talking about the importance of showing up for your tribe, but I’ve done like a D- job of showing up in your email inbox. There’s this fear that what I have to say isn’t important, valuable, or resourceful enough, which is why my main goal for this month (and every month) is to work on my confidence and self-worth.
  2. Update the resource library. I sent out an email survey asking what you wanted, needed help with, etc. and why you signed up for the email newsletter. Huge thank you to everyone who took the time to answer!! Excited to get started on those for you. :)
  3. Update the website + blog. I want to make it more accessible and easier to find related info. Plus to go along with the last goal, create more content upgrades (so you have worksheets and PDFs to use).



  1. Show the koala up for my clients. Get better at listening and delivering. Set calendar dates and reminders for things I need to do - follow ups, check ins, etc. Seriously loveeee my clients and what they’re bringing to their community!
  2. Get better at speaking to others and working my confidence. Honestly, I feel a little vulnerable and scared putting this on here, because it’s like … you want to present yourself as having it all together to potential clients (or you’re in the 9-5 world, potential employers) and the truth is life is messy and we’re complex human beings. Also, this blog is about getting vulnerable and being authentic, so here you have it!


  1. Journal twice a day

In the morning, journal on your ideal life - where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, who you’re with, etc. (Currently journaling about August 2018) And/or journal on monthly income goal - how it feels, what you did to get there, etc.

In the evening, journal on how the day went, what worked well and what didn’t, how the prioritization is going, etc. Basically reflections.



  1. Exercise 4x/week. Go to U-Jam class whenever available; if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. I’m not a dancer by any means, but I love moving my body and it really helps me ~get into the flow~ and express myself.
  2. Eat better. This is kind of broad and you def should not be so broad with your goals (the more specific the better). Not necessarily a goal, but when I don’t eat well when I exercise, my body feels it so exercising and eating better goes hand in hand for me.



  1. Write a letter to money every week. My soul is feeling kind of heavy these days, and I know a lot of it has to do with money. I want to feel more light, abundant, and free.


I know this is like a super long list and it looks like I have a lot of goals - it was actually way longer and I had to take some things off (because you only have so many hours, energy, and attention within a day and week). But some of these things are things I’ve already been doing and just need to continue doing and refining my craft.


How I’m going to keep myself accountable and on track

1. Daily journaling and prioritization. 

Along with my journaling, I also make a lot of lists and do a lot of brain dumps. I’m a total list maker and love making lists of things I want to do and break them down into another step-by-step action list.

I’m also using good ol’ paper and pen for tracking and writing down my daily goals and progress. Will have photos in the next monthly update for you.


2. Weekly check in and reflection.

I think one of the main reasons we fall short of our goals is because we don’t hold ourselves accountable (on a daily basis) and check in with ourselves with how we’re doing (daily and weekly). I want to really dig into goal setting; how to plan, prepare, and prioritize; how to not feel overwhelmed; how to celebrate your wins; etc.

Hopefully, this helps with your monthly goal planning too! I’m working on creating a monthly goal planning guide and checklist for you, so you can set goals and reach them.


Share with me in the comments below:

What are some of your goals for this month? What do you want to accomplish? What’s in the works for you?