Monthly Goals And Progress: September 2017

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It's officially a new month! And... I'm writing this on September 3rd. But hey, better late than never, right?

What a month August was. Honestly, it was not a good month - mostly of my own fault. I was firm on my boundaries in July, but I did not stick to those boundaries in August and it definitely got the better of me and my emotions. As much as I hate to say it, I allowed myself to get into a victim and lack mentality again.

So September is going to be about getting myself out of victim mentality and into abundant and improving my mindset.


takeaways from august

  1. Have some sort of daily routine / structure. And stick to it. Whether it's journaling, meditating, exercising, etc., do it every day. Even on the weekends. Even on the days you don't feel like it. Because once you skip enough days, you start to let yourself "skip another day" and three days suddenly becomes two weeks. I haven't journaled in a while, and it definitely shows.
  2. You're going to hit some bumps in the road, and it might throw you off especially if you've been doing well for a while. So I was doing pretty well for a while there and... I think I got a little too comfortable, so when things started going not so well... I forgot how to respond and I let things get worse and worse until it felt like everything was falling apart.
  3. It is always possible to get back on track. Regardless of how tempting it is to just give up, you can always reflect and do better. Life is hard, but it's not impossible. Please do not give up on yourself when times get hard. Take some deep breaths, ugly cry if you need do, but do not give up on yourself or your dreams.

Wholehearted Woman - Molly Ho - September 2017 Goals And Progress
  1. Journal every day - same as August. Journal on your ideal life - where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, who you’re with, etc. And/or journal on monthly income goal - how it feels, what you did to get there, etc.
  2. Work on mindset. Continue reading books like Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself and You Are A Badass. Listen to motivational podcasts and TED talks. Continue challenging myself to intentionally get outside of my comfort zone.


  1. Exercise 4x/week. Okay, so I did this for the first week of August and then ... never exercised again ... but I would really love to start exercising again, so I need to come up with a more detailed and accountable plan for this.



  1. Write a letter to money every week. This kind of goes along with mindset work. This was a goal of mine last month, but I didn't do this, so it's on my list again.
  2. Love letters to myself. I need to practice more self-compassion and kindness, because I'm not really good at this if I'm being honest.


wholehearted woman

  1. Create my first ebook. Eeep!! It's happening. I don't have all the details yet, but if you'd like to stay updated, sign up for my mailing list. (Pssst... I updated the resource library with two more freebies.)
  2. Something special. Sorry, it's a secret for now. ;)



  1. Sign on another client. I have my eyes on a few companies I would absolutely LOVE to work with. Waiting to hear back from a few and reaching out to more in September.
  2. Publish my second LinkedIn article. I published my first LinkedIn article re: Pinterest in August - woot woot! Click here to give it a read. So my goal for September is to write another one.


I know this was kind of a lousy update, but August really took a toll on me, so I'm hoping my October update will be a better one - and I have a good feeling that it will be!! It was a bittersweet month, because I went to this really awesome event and I haven't even talked about it much on the blog or newsletter!!

My goal for this year is to go to another event / conference, but gotta work on that money mindset stuff first.


How I’m going to keep myself accountable and on track - same as last month

1. Daily journaling and prioritization. 

Along with my journaling, I also make a lot of lists and do a lot of brain dumps. I’m a total list maker and love making lists of things I want to do and break them down into another step-by-step action list.

I’m also using good ol’ paper and pen for tracking and writing down my daily goals and progress. Will have photos in the next monthly update for you.


2. Weekly check in and reflection.

I think one of the main reasons we fall short of our goals is because we don’t hold ourselves accountable (on a daily basis) and check in with ourselves with how we’re doing (daily and weekly). I want to really dig into goal setting; how to plan, prepare, and prioritize; how to not feel overwhelmed; how to celebrate your wins; etc.

Hopefully, this helps with your monthly goal planning too! I’m working on creating a monthly goal planning guide and checklist for you, so you can set goals and reach them.


Share with me in the comments below:

What are some of your goals for this month? What do you want to accomplish? What’s in the works for you?

And how was August for you?