My 2018 Bucket List: 18 Things I Want To Do In 2018

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When 2018 came rolling around, I wanted to do all the things. Create goals and New Year Resolution's, milestones for each quarter, and a bucket list. 

Only there was one problem. 

In 2017, I had promised myself that I wouldn't overcommit anymore. Or at least try not to. 

And creating a bucket list? Somehow, it felt scary. Like what if I didn't complete all of the things on my bucket list? Would that make me look flaky? 

On the other hand, as amazing (and not so amazing) as 2017 was, I couldn't remember a lot of the things I did. ...probably because I didn't do all that much but worked, cried, watched a lot of t.v. when I was sad, and ate my feelings away. #truestory 

So in the end, I decided it was best if I did create a 2018 bucket list for myself. 

To remind myself to not spend too many hours pity partying it up in bed by myself. 

Because I've got things to do, places to go, and animals to hang out with. 


My 2018 Bucket List: 18 Things I Want To Do In 2018 

1. Read 18 books. 

I did not read as many books as I had hoped to in 2017. In fact, I think I read like maybe 5 or 6 books - which is so funny because I use to read at least 50 books in a school calendar year in high school. 

Less TV, more reading. 

Check out my 2018 reading list. 


2. Write 75 blog posts in Q1. 

This is one of those things where people give me the wide opened eye emoji look when I tell them what I'm planning to do. 

But it's happening! I'll write a blog post on why I'm doing it and what I've learned sometime in April. 


3. Get back into running. 

A few years ago, I was really into running. 

I actually ran a half-marathon once. And then I got like 10 of the free Chobani sponsored yogurts at the finish line, because um running 13.1 miles is no joke and so it was like 1 free Chobani per mile, y'know? 

I literally laid in the grass for 10 minutes after. 

Running is one of those things that just ... makes me feel good. It's just one of those things that people either love or hate or eventually to love, and I eventually learned to love it. 


4. And stair climbing. 

I loveeeeee stair climbing. 

Easy? No, but I love how it feels while you're doing it and after. 

It feels like you've accomplished something really hard and now you can handle anything. 


5. Pet an alpaca. 

I petted my first (and only) alpaca when my friends and I did Questival in San Francisco in 2016, but I'm ready to pet my next one because they're so cute (also because I did not like how the pictures turned out from the last time if I'm being entirely honest). 

So it's pet an alpaca. And take a picture with one. 


6. Go to Thailand. 

I don't know what it is with my obsession with Thailand. Maybe it's because so many digital nomads are there and just about every travel blogger and vlogger has gone there or maybe it's because of my absolute love for sticky rice and mango, but I want to go there and this is the year it's going to happen. 


7. Bathe with the elephants. 

So this isn't one of those things that's always been on my to do list and I'm actually kind of terrified of being around bigger animals, but if I go to Thailand, then I have to do this too. 

Because a. I would be challenging myself to go outside of my comfort zone (which is always a good thing), b. elephants are incredibly smart animals, and c. I would like to get a picture with one. 


8. Go to a music festival for old time's sake. 

My best friend and I use to go to a lot of EDM events when we were younger, but we stopped a couple of years ago. 

It always surprises people because I'm a really quiet person and I don't talk a lot, but there's just something about the music and overall experience that really gets to you. 


9. Pick up the camera again. 

Fun fact: In high school, I wanted to be a photographer, but then I realized I didn't like talking to people and I wasn't interested in doing nature or landscape photography for a living, so then I went to nutrition (which ended up not panning out either). 

Another fun fact: I once wanted to go to art school and my dad told me it was too expensive and in the moment I was jealous of everyone else who went to art school. But after hearing about how much debt people were in, I was no longer jealous.

I will be forever grateful for my dad for helping me avoid all that debt. Also because I probably wouldn't have finished because I had really bad depression back then and didn't follow through with anything. 

But anywho, my goal is to pick up the camera again and start taking my own photos for this blog. 


10. Attend a personal growth conference and hang out with my people. 

I just realized I never wrote about my experience at Amplify Live - an event I attended in Vegas last year where I met Lewis Howes and lots of other amazing speakers and business owners. 

So I definitely want to attend another one of those this year. 


11. Guest post on a major publication. 

This was something I should've done on 2017, but didn't do. 

To be entirely honest, I'm still not good at handling rejection, so my workaround is not putting myself in situations where rejection can happen. I know, I know. Not the best solution - I'm working on it. 


12. Improve my speaking and people talking skills. 

Because I am not good at talking to people. Like at all. 

I wish I were kidding, but...


13. Go on video - FB live, IG live, and / or YouTube. 

Same as above. 


14. Learn to delegate and hire someone. 

2017 was the year I started embracing "done over perfect". 

2018 is the year where I learn to trust someone else and continue embracing "done over perfect" because perfection doesn't exist. 

Also this terrifies me and is completely outside of my comfort zone so I think it'll be good for my personal growth. 


15. Be better at self-care. 

Self-care was basically non-existent in 2017 and led me to feeling burn out, so it's essential in 2018 that I start taking better care of myself and start being kinder. 


16. Collaborate with brands. 

There's a lot of great companies out there doing a lot of amazing things for the planet and the people in it, and I want to help spread the word about them. 

I love businesses who treat their employees well, are inclusive, and run their businesses ethically.


17. Create more. Consume less. 

I'm getting way better at this, but still consuming more than I'd like. 


18. Grow thicker skin. Be okay with rejection and hearing no. 

Hearing "no" is not a bad thing. It doesn't mean you suck or things will never work out for you. 

It just means you have to keep trying to find your yes that really sticks. 


Well, there you have it! My bucket list for 2018 and 18 things I wanna do this year. 

Did you create a bucket list this year? What's something you want to do in 2018? 

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