How To Not Feel Guilty About Taking A Break As An Entrepreneur Who Hasn’t Reached Financial Success Yet 

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The truth is many of us struggle to take a break without feeling guilty about it - especially if you’re an entrepreneur who hasn’t reached financial success yet, because you’re probably thinking either one of two things “Do I really deserve one?” and/or “I could be working on something else right now.” 

Recently, one of my friends whom I recently started a new project with shared with me that she now struggles to take a weekend off without feeling guilty, which if you’ve ever felt the same  way, you know is not a good (or helpful) feeling. 

She told me that she always heard stories from me related to this, but never really fully understood it herself working in the corporate world. 

But I don’t want her to feel guilty for taking a break when she needs one and I don’t want to feel guilty during my own breaks anymore either. Because we all need breaks. 

You can’t run a car on empty fuel, and you shouldn’t try to either. 

Our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits are the same way. 

So how can we stop feeling guilty about taking a break as a new entrepreneur? 


How To Not Feel Guilty About Taking A Break When You Are Your Own Boss - 3 Things To Remember

1. Not taking a break actually does more harm than good. 

Because if you can’t think clearly, how are you going to come up with good ideas? And do you even want to work at that point? I know when I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed, I don’t. 

We all need to recharge our batteries and that can be through having some quiet time to yourself, going for a run, eating nutrient rich snacks or meals, taking a weekend off, having an afternoon nap, etc. We all recharge differently. 

If we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us. And unless we’re paying someone, no one is going to take care of your business and keep it going when you actually do burn out. 

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Love and treat your business like a business by taking care of yourself. It’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your business healthy and green. 


2. Life is not and should not be about proving yourself to others. 

We live in a society that likes to romanticize being “busy”, but let me tell you - there is nothing romantic at all about being busy. 

I speak from personal experience, because I worked on days and nights when I probably shouldn’t have just so I didn’t feel guilty about it. Because being able to be your own boss is a privilege. Working on creating the life you want is a privilege that not everyone gets. Yes, you can argue that it’s technically available to everyone - but it’s really not. 

So to me, it’s a privilege I’m extremely grateful for. I’m so grateful that I have people in my life who support me rather than bring up all the “what if it doesn’t work” scenarios - because I know not everyone has that. 

And I know there’s always the option of cutting those people out of your life, but honestly? It’s not as easy as it sounds. 

But even if you do have those people in your life, it’s not your job to please them or make them happy. You shouldn’t have to justify why you’re taking a break to them or let them make you feel guilty about taking a nap on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Other people’s opinion has no power or weight over you - unless you give it to them. Again, I know it’s easier said than done. But it’s true. Don’t give your power away. 

This is your life, your business, your choice. 

So make the choice to take care of yourself, because if you don’t, you’re going to end up with something a lot worse than someone you don’t really like anyway judging you.

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3. You created your business for a reason.

It was probably for the freedom and opportunity to make your own choices, right? So why are we still letting other people and society dictate how we use our time and energy? 

It’s not up to them how you use your time or don’t use your time. Because guess what? They’re not the boss of you. 

If they want to dictate someone else’s time and energy, maybe they should create their own business and hire people. Otherwise, they can take their opinions elsewhere because it’s irrelevant. 

Because when you stare at your screen for 10 hours a day without taking a break, you’re going to end up on your own hamster wheel. And it’s going to drive you insane, if it hasn’t already. 


Sometimes, our breaks can lead to breakthroughs. 

Recharge your batteries. Fill up your well if it’s feeling dry. 

Don’t force yourself to run on empty fuel. Allow inspiration to come. 

New ideas can’t happen when you’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and have a hundred things on your mind. 


I'd love to hear from you.

How often do you take breaks in your business, and what does that look like? How has that helped you grow your business?