Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

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In 5 years, I’ll be 29. And in 10 years, I’ll be 34.

It’s crazy to think of myself as a 30 something year old. Maybe even a little terrifying. But I’ve been trying to do it more (imagine the future) to keep things in perspective.

Sometimes, day to day, it doesn’t feel like much is happening.

But imagine who you were 5 years ago. Where you were, what you were doing on a daily basis, what kind of thoughts you were thinking, where you thought you would be today, etc.

Five years ago, I was 19 years old. And I thought my life was over before it even started. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I also know I’m not the one who thought that way at that age or sometimes even still now.

You go on LinkedIn or onto a job listing and suddenly you find yourself thinking, “What have I been doing with my life? Why am I not further along?”

And if that is what you’re thinking to yourself, you have to let go. Let go of the past, of what you didn’t do, so you can create space for what you can do now.

Do what you can do today, so you can do even greater things tomorrow.


1. Start thinking about your future.

5 years from now. Where do you want to be? What do you want to do? How do you want to feel?

And then work backwards.

Now you have your goals and vision in mind, what do you need to do now and for the next 5 years to get there? What daily action steps can you take to get closer to your goals?

Every day counts, because you get yourself into a routine. You don’t have to have it all figured out on day 1, but you have to show up. And keep showing up - on day 54, on day 160, on day 432.

Remember to check in with yourself: Are your actions aligned with your goals? Do you still feel aligned with your goals? Are there any changes or readjustments you need to make?

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2. Consistency beats everything else, when consistency shows up every day.

Even if you’re a horrible writer, if you keep writing every day and learn how to improve your craft, you’re going to become better at that writer who only showed up twice a year.

It’s why some people succeed and others don’t. Because the ones that choose to show up every day, they learned to get outside of their comfort zone. They learned to overcome rejection and failure, and they kept going.

When the initial excitement dies off, that’s when it counts.

Having the initial excitement and “big plans to change your plan” is easy; everyone can do it, that’s what new years resolutions are so popular.

But after a couple of months go by, people start to disappear and are never heard from again.

It’s like training for a marathon. If you don’t show up on your training days, you’re not going to be prepared for your marathon. You might hurt yourself. Your body isn’t ready for it and neither is your mind.

That’s the same thing with your life. If you don’t prepare yourself for the life you want, how will you know what to do when the time comes? I once heard someone say success is when preparation meets timing, and it’s so true.

3. Work backwards and break it down. Check in to make sure you’re on the right path.

I’ll use myself as an example. In five years, I want to be an author, speaker, well-known blogger, and a digital nomad. An influencer and change maker. Honestly, I’m feeling a little nervous and vulnerable even putting those words out there.

So what do I need to do now to get myself there?

I need to build an online presence, grow and expand my network, work on my mindset, learn the ropes of the business, work on my writing and speaking skills, etc.

So what does that look like day to day?

Well, I’ve decided I work most efficiently when I batch my tasks and time block, so I set aside time for writing, editing, emailing, social media, marketing, etc.

Personally, I love being able to wear a lot of hats and being a one woman show. But I also know I’ll need to let go of some control in the future and outsource, so it’s also getting ready for that.

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I don’t have my 5 year plan all figured out, nor do I want to pretend I do.

If I had made myself a 5 year plan back when I was 19, I would be in a different place now.

But I didn’t, and that’s okay. I’ve made peace with it. You have to make peace with your past and not focus on how much time “you’ve lost”.

You can start now. Start today. Stop doubting yourself and start working on yourself.

It’s not too late to start. It’s never too late to start.

Go get 'em, tiger.




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