Wholehearted Wednesdays with Marget from Margot + Co

Hi Margot! Please tell us a bit about you and your story.

Hey you guys, thanks for having me! Let’s see, I grew up in a tiny town in rural Pennsylvania. Think corn fields and running into everyone at the grocery store. I was a creative kid who loved playing outside and doing arts and crafts with my sisters. My creativity really took off in high school. I learned Photoshop in a 10th grade yearbook class and went on to teach the class by senior year as the Yearbook Editor. That’s where all of the graphic design stuff started. But it took me awhile to figure out that it would be my job someday. I went through a short stint where I wanted to become a songwriter. I laugh about it now, or try to change the subject, but it was enough to get me interested in going to Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I decided Belmont was the school for me and packed all of my things to move down to Nashville.

After lots of design related internships, I graduated in 2015 as a PR major who was ready to start a graphic design company. I married my husband that summer and started on a handful of freelance projects from our tiny attic apartment before officially becoming Margot + Co. Now, two years later, we just bought our first house (praise the Lord!) with a back office for me to spend my days working from. I work with entrepreneurial women on branding and design while running an Instagram, running to Costco (for real though) and creating an aesthetically pleasing word search book called Fields of Green (coming out this summer!).

Your work over at Margot + Co is absolutely stunning. Can you share with us a little behind-the-scenes about your process?

Goodness, it’s so funny that you ask because I’m so bad at structure. My husband is the most routine creature and I am still baffled by how people can do the same thing at the same time every day. That being said, when I get client projects I tend to tackle them slightly differently each time. But I’ll give you a rough idea of what that might look like. After a few emails back and forth, I’ll send the client a branding packet to gather all of the details, send them a contract to outline the project, and I’ll start a board on Pinterest to gather similar aesthetics. Then I’ll create some drafts either in Photoshop or on paper depending on the style of project. After getting the client's feedback, I’ll make some edits and create final files.


What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

The freedom of a freelance job is so rewarding for me because, like I mentioned before, I’m not so structured. It allows me to pursue new dreams, pivot, go to the grocery store, take a day off to clear my head, take care of myself, and then really dive into working on what I’m most excited about. I would say that is the most rewarding for my husband and I as a family. It gives us so much sanity back that we wouldn’t have if I were working a typical job. I’m also deeply inspired by beauty and the interaction of colors, shapes, fonts, illustrations etc. so it’s always rewarding to get to dive into the visuals.

What kind of impact do you want to make on the world and/or in your community?

I want to add more natural beauty to the world, more moments for people to take a deep breath and feel at peace. I like using calming colors, talking about rest, gardening and chasing other everyday types of beauty. I get excited by simple things like a game of cards or steam coming off my tea, so I’m hopeful that I can give people permission to slow down and find those moments for themselves.


The online world can be a noisy place sometimes. How do you stay authentic and true to who you are?

Gosh, good question. Hiding my phone is a life saver. Seriously. I come alive when my phone is somewhere on the other side of the house. But I also LOVE Instagram. I really do. The moment I start to feel like Instagram isn’t fun anymore, I take a few days off. When I post a picture I want to be genuinely excited about connecting through it, so if I’m low on content or inspiration, I tend to back off posting for awhile. How can I expect other people to get excited about what I’m doing if I’m not, you know? So I want to make sure I’m actually enjoying my life, my work, etc. when I’m sharing it. It’s not fulfilling to just make it look like you’re enjoying yourself online while you’re on the other side of your phone totally overwhelmed. Another tip that has helped me on the online world is Jenna Kutcher’s idea that you should stick to posting your top 5 things on Instagram. So, mine top 5 would look something like:  tea, plants, projects, my house, and lifestyle pics. Finding those core things that you post about help to make your instagram ‘you’ and not just a pretty feed. 

* Editor's note: Absolutely LOVE what you said about Instagram, taking a few days off when you need it, and posting what you're genuinely excited about. Such good advice.

As a fellow introvert, I have to ask: What do you love most about being an introvert?

Yes, girl. I am such an introvert. I love that it has given me space to be a dreamer. My best ideas come in the quiet when I’m in the house by myself, or driving by myself. If I were an extrovert, I would be missing out on finding those creative pieces of myself.  I love the way it feeds my sense of self love when all I want is a quiet night at home by myself. It sounds silly, but I always have enjoyed my own company.

And I getting to thrive working at home by myself. It’s cheaper and I buy less coffee when I work from home!


What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received from someone else?

It may not be the best advice I’ve ever received but right now I’m really big on the Robert H. Schuller quote, “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”  

Can you share your own nugget of wisdom with our readers?

I think that people have more authority in their lives than they allow themselves to have. You can say yes, you can say no, you can really make a lot happen if you take the initiative. The people who inspire me the most are the ones who know what they want and are willing to decline an invitation to anything that doesn’t align with their mission.

"Walk through life honestly."

Pray honestly, work honestly, speak honestly, life is so much richer when it’s real. And the spectacular things really do come after a million small seemingly unspectacular moments.


What’s next for you in your journey? How can we support you, and where can we find you online?

Great question! First, follow me on Instagram at @margot.and.co! Instagram is the best way to follow along! You can also check out my website at Margot + Co if you’re interested in working together.

I’m currently creating a modern twist on a word search book called Fields of Green. It’s going to be linen-bound and filled with quotes to help women find rest and Jesus in the midst of the everyday busyness. It will hopefully be released in late July, fingers crossed. It’s my first product and self-project so I don’t want to rush it, ya know? I’m really enjoying making each page and working with authors to find the right quotes for the book. BUT, this is without a doubt the best way to support me right now. Buy a book, talk about the book, enter a giveaway, post a picture of the book, any and all areas of support are adored and appreciated. It’s my baby right now, so I’m so excited to get to pass it off to you and hope you love it just the same.

Margot's upcoming book, Field of Greens

Margot's upcoming book, Field of Greens

Rapid fire Q’s:

  • A woman who inspires me: Gal Gadot from Wonder Women, she glows with confidence and she’s killing it right now.
  • Favorite place to hang out online: Instagram
  • Best book I ever read: Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  • My core values: Jesus, rest and freedom.


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