Why You Need To Be Part Of An Emerging Global Female Community

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There has never been a better time in history and evolution for women to, not only remember who they really are in essence, but to also reconnect to that amazing being. 


She is comprised of so much strength, wisdom, courage, power, integrity, compassion, vision, empowerment and enlightenment.


This begs the question of why women are still falling behind in an expanding world of opportunities and possibilities?

Why is it such a struggle to fiercely, but naturally, show up in the world authentically and unapologetically and contribute her voice, gifts and skills for the benefit of, not only herself, but, also, for those who walk alongside her and will come after her?

These are powerful questions, which, I believe, need to be addressed if we are to change the historical patterns of social and cultural conditioning that have kept many women living lives that nowhere near match their potential and purpose for being here on this physical, human journey.


So, what do I mean by conditioning?

I don’t wish to launch into any feminist rant.  I do fully respect the male gender but there is no getting away from the fact that women have lived, and continue to live, in a patriarchal society.  Yes, there have been huge leaps forward for women, especially millennial women, and I believe that we are now looking at a very realistic emergence of awakened women who are intentionally seeking to rise up and become who they are really meant to be and not who society tells them they can or can’t be.

In evolutionary terms, as a result of their very biology, women have been conditioned to expect and accept specific roles in society that, for the longest time, went without question.  Those who did question have been labelled “rebels” rather than being respected for their vision and integrity which has always required a particular strength of character and resilience. They were the “exception to the rule”.

Traditionally, men have gone out into society, and into the world, to earn money for their family and, at times, to fight in wars and battles for the safety and protection of their family.  Women, on the other hand, have stayed at home raising and nurturing children and tending to the house – tasks always accepted as being less important to the evolvement of an efficient, successful society.


However, the world turns.

Nothing stands still. Knowledge, discovery, growing awareness and education have all combined to move this life experience forward.

Technological advancements have given birth to platforms unavailable to our sisters who went before us.  With the rise of the internet and social media, women can now take advantage of the biggest opportunities ever presented to them to become visible on the world’s stage today and, in so doing, share their voice and gifts to change the world positively for everyone who treads this path of life experience.


So, what is preventing many women from taking up these opportunities?

I have found, through coaching women how to live authentically and fiercely so that they can achieve lives of personal freedom, happiness and success on their own terms, that one of the biggest challenges keeping many women held back today and settling for much less than they deserve and are capable of is the issue of Confidence.

Confidence is a word in the world of personal development that is bandied around but, often, I feel, in ways that don’t truly get to the crux of many of the questions and obstacles that confidence – or lack of confidence – presents for many women today.

I would also like to highlight how confidence and courage are so inextricably bound together and the impact this has for women today who now KNOW that there is much MORE to life and to themselves.  We are not just observers for the main part anymore, we can actively contribute to progress, change and evolvement.  We want to self-actualize and self-express but lack of confidence precedes lack of courage.

Photo Source:   Aspen Plummer, Unsplash

Confidence has been, and remains
a stumbling block for many women – why?

If we return to focusing upon social systems and infrastructures wherein men and women have been expected to fulfil specific roles, it becomes much clearer why women, more than men struggle with confidence issues – and this, by the way, is now supported by extensive research.

In doing what was expected of them, men, throughout history, have had to build some sense of confidence, even if it wasn’t truly felt, in order to face the atrocities of war or enter into a competitive workplace.

By contrast, women did not have to deal with these kinds of conflicts.  Experiential differences have meant that, as women are now emerging to take up more prolific and predominant roles in society, we are actually having to learn new ways of being.  As we look to our parents and grandparents, we do not have role models to guide and advise us in how to BE in the world today.


As a consequence, we are still having to fight against expected roles within the workforce and society as a whole in addition to having to deal with the inevitable self-doubt and fears that arise when faced with unknown territory.  Significant others, society and culture and conditioning all combine to deter us from being who we have the potential to be as we daily ask ourselves fear-based questions such as,

  • “Who am I to be able to do this?”
  • “I’m not smart enough, good enough to do this!”
  • “What will my family and friends think of me? Will I lose them?  Is it worth it?"

These statements are all indicative of being conditioned to not ask the most important, essential questions of life such as,

  • “Who am I really?”
  • “What is my purpose for being here?”
  • “How can I make every second of this earthbound adventure count?”


Lack of confidence prohibits so many women from asking these powerful questions.  These are the questions that form the very foundation of living lives of happiness, success and freedom and, this is why, the issue of confidence within the female community today, has to be addressed first and foremost.

Lack of confidence holds so many of the female community prisoners within their own minds, shackled to limitations that do not have to exist.

When women realize that the root cause of lack of confidence in any area is NOT THEIR FAULT and, most importantly, that there are specific strategies that will help to eliminate this problem quickly and effectively then the emerging community of female empowerment and enlightenment will be an unstoppable force.


I am passionate about contributing to this transformation.  It’s my purpose.  It’s why I get up every day and do whatever it takes to help and support as many women as possible to take back their control and to find their own soul and life agenda through being able to live with CONFIDENCE.  This enables authenticity, potential, creativity, integrity, happiness, success and freedom to be expected and accepted rather than limitation, scarcity, lack, self-doubt and uncertainty.

No woman was born into this life experience to settle for anything less than what she desires and deserves.

I feel totally privileged to write for The Wholehearted Woman.  It encapsulates everything women today need to initiate positive change and transformation. 


One woman at a time is all it takes but, together, we can create lives filled with courage, confidence, self-expression, self-actualization and wisdom that can be passed down to generations to come and this is a legacy that I want to leave as an awakened revolutionary luminary.

I urge you today to do whatever it takes to start your own legacy by becoming part of a female community based upon a collective consciousness and energy that has the power and potential to transform your life, the lives of so many others and, this magical, evolving universe.


Be all you can be.  There are no second chances.

Photo Source: Aspen Plummer, Unsplash


Tracy Roberts - Transformational Life Coach

Tracy Roberts is a Transformational Life Coach and Soulpreneur dedicated to supporting and showing women how to live lives of success, happiness, wealth and freedom whilst living authentically and on purpose. She also has a BA (Hons) in English Literature.

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