launch week all-access pass

launch week all-access pass


To celebrate launch week (May 15th to 20th), I’m offering a 50% OFF for the all-access pass, which means you get access to everything that’s currently in the shop!!

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The all-access pass is perfect for you if: 

  • you're ready for a brand refresh
  • you would like more customization options 
  • you're just starting out, but don't want to look like a DIYer 
  • you’re not optimizing the current platforms you’re using and/or the content you’re creating

A few results I've seen with my own blog, Wholehearted Woman: 

  • 30,000+ page views / site traffic every month
  • Hundreds to tens of thousands of repins 
  • Email list growth 300-500/mo. 

What's Included: 

Media kits, pricing guides, business cards, blog and social media kits (including IG story templates, Pinterest graphics, newsletter headers, opt-in PDFs, etc.). 

Here's a full list of everything: 

** Please note this is only for personal use / for your own brand. Not to be shared with others. If you would like to use these templates for client work, please email me at for licensed pricing.