one brand is all it takes.

open the door to POSSIBILITIES with me.


Hi there! I'm Molly, a brand and graphic designer for the modern woman. 


Why me?

At age 11, I was designing Neopets pet pages on the weekends. At 13, I was designing Myspace layouts for my friends. At 17, I spent the better half of my last year in high school in ceramics and darkroom. At 19, I learned how to design my first magazine layout in InDesign and instantly fell in love. 

Last year, I created a lifestyle blog called Wholehearted Woman, helping woman find their best selves. Within a year, it was generating over 20,000 page views/monthly. 


Get to know me! 

  1. I once went on a 2-week cruise to Alaska by myself. It was... an interesting event. Let's just say I was the only other 20-something passenger and there were a lot of karaoke nights involved. No wifi, but no worries because there was happy hour! 
  2. Being an Asian-American born in the US, I've had my fair share of identity crises. (Putting this here, because I know a few of you can relate to this and I want you to know you're not alone.) 
  3. There was a time in my life when I went to EDM events almost every weekend. Most people find this surprising, because I'm a "shy and quiet" person. But like how art and literature speaks to a person, the music spoke to me. 
  4. Vulnerability and storytelling is in my DNA, so you'll find me talking about topics like mental health and body image on my Instagram, especially regarding my own personal experiences. Because I have a lot to say/share 'bout that. Sharing your story helps others share theirs, too. There's where the healing and change begins.