the wholehearted community is about giving others a safe space to be themselves.

Thank you to all the contributors and my friends for helping me make this possible.


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Brittney Carmichael,   #SHINETRIBE

Brittney Carmichael, 

Brittney Rossie,  Brittney Rossie

Brittney Rossie,
Brittney Rossie

Elle Miesner,  She Of The Wild Sparrows

Elle Miesner,
She Of The Wild Sparrows

Erin McManness,   Paper Raven Co.

Erin McManness,
Paper Raven Co.

Jennifer Brown Wegman,  Insight Info Solutions

Jennifer Brown Wegman,
Insight Info Solutions

Lauren Black & Illiah Manger,   Elevate & Cultivate

Lauren Black & Illiah Manger, 
Elevate & Cultivate

Maria Kathlyn Tan,   Maria & Miracles

Maria Kathlyn Tan, 
Maria & Miracles

Want to be part of the next issue?     Click here    to learn more about contributing!

Want to be part of the next issue?
Click here to learn more about contributing!

So why community?

Back in 2014, I attended my first support group for people struggling with depression and bipolar disorder.

Although I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years prior to that, I didn't tell anyone. And there were so many reasons why. Shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear, doubt, and hatred to name a few. Was this something that people talked openly about? Would my future employers find out about me seeing a therapist? Would they then not want to hire me because I wasn't "normal"? I was worried and scared.

So instead, I decided to stay silent.

Staying silent does not mean your problems go away. Pretending they don't exist? That doesn't make the pain go away either.

But the point here is that from the very first meeting, I felt a sense of community. Like I had finally found my people. People who understood me, who listened to me, who actually heard what I was saying to them, and more times than not, they went through the exact same experiences as me. Their willingness to share the deepest and darkest parts of their lives showed me that it was okay for me to share mine with them. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel judged or shamed.

I felt welcomed to show up exactly how I was. Some weeks were messy and brutal. Some weeks felt more promising and hopeful. But either way, I felt welcomed, encouraged, and supported in a way that I didn't imagine was possible.

That's the way I want Wholehearted Woman to feel.

A place where you can be yourself. A place where we can take off our masks and show ourselves. Our real selves. Not the ones we spend the last decade or two, or however many, perfecting.

Perfection doesn't exist here. That's not what the wholehearted community is about.

Everyone is invited to share their stories with us. Their real stories, not the ones they think everyone wants to hear so they'll like them more. Whether you're a millennial struggling to find your first job right out of college, a mom struggling with motherhood and figuring it all out, a creative struggling to find clients who respect you, an entrepreneur who's struggling with the guilt of not doing enough, a self-love advocate who still struggles with loving herself (i.e. me), etc. There's a place for you here.

I hope that within the pages of this first issue, you'll find what your heart needs.

We are here for you. We are here to listen, to learn, to love, to lift, and to empower others.

This is just the beginning, and I'm so glad you're here to be a part of it.


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