branding packages

What's included:

  • primary & secondary logo and (1) submark

  • brand board / guidelines: incl. typography & color palette

  • web essentials: fav icon, custom pin it button, pinterest template, and a facebook cover page

  • (1) brand collateral item (ideas: email newsletter design, business cards, lead magnets, pricing guide, media or press kit, etc.)

  • final file delivery

  • bonus: (1) 45-minute brand strategy Zoom call

Investment: $900

the mini brand kit

This is the perfect package for you if you’re just starting out and need some brand clarity help asap.

And you know DIYing is not the route for you. Instead, you need help and guidance from someone who gets it and gets you (btw, that’s me!).

While this is just a starter kit, we will really take the time to hone in on your biz and brand vision, who your ideal clients are, your brand personality, unique selling point, etc. 



What's included: 

  • primary & secondary logo and up to (3) submarks

  • brand board / guidelines: incl. typography & color palette

  • web essentials: fav icon and custom pin it button

  • brand collateral (choose up to 4): email newsletter, business cards, lead magnets (ex. ebook), pricing guide, media or press kit, flyers, etc.

  • social media branding (you get all 3): facebook cover page, pinterest template, instagram story templates

  • final file delivery with off-boarding support Zoom call where we go over how to use all your files

  • bonus: (1) 45-minute brand strategy Zoom call

investment: $1,800


the full brand package experience

This is the perfect package for you if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level.

This brand package includes literally everything you need to create a cohesive, consistent, and strong brand identity and presence. No more looking like every other photographer, copywriter, service provider or product maker out there. It’s time to start acting, feeling, and being the professional and amazing business owner we both know you are and can be.

Whether someone is interacting with your brand for the first time or seventh time, it’s important to make a strong, lasting impression every time. Make their experience so good they’ll want to come back and tell their friends about you. 

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you're in the good hands.

the branding process & how it all works

1. The discovery call
First, we'll get on a call to see if we're a good fit! On this call, I'd love learn about you and your brand! Your dreams, goals, and story. Then, we'll talk about my design process and philosophy. And we'll finish off the call with any questions or concerns you might have. 

2. The decision + paperwork
Once you've decided you'd like to work together, I'll send over your contract and invoice. I require a 25% deposit fee to book my calendar spot. 

3. Onboarding
Once the paperwork is all done, we'll get you set up! I'll invite you to our Asana workspace (project timelines, communication, etc. - all in one place!), send you the branding questionnaire to get started on, and invite you to our Pinterest board. 

4. The creative process
Once your branding questionnaire is done, we'll start working on your branding elements like logo concepts, mood boards, etc. Once your brand board is finalized, we'll move on to your web essentials, brand collateral, and social media branding (depending on which package you choose). 

5. File delivery
Once everything is finalized and done, I'll send you your final files! (After the full payment is received.) Woohoo! Can't wait to see your brand in action. 

6. Bonus strategy call
Need additional support? I'm here for you! We can talk about anything and everything on this call, but my specialities are: brainstorming up a storm, content strategy, and Pinterest.

We can even talk about comparison and imposter syndrome, because I totally get it and I'm here to support you in whatever way I can. Even if that means listening and holding space for you. 



want to have your own brand strategist and designer?

without overhead, but with all the ease & simplicity?




- 5 hours
- no rollover
- no rush project




- 10 hours
- no rollover
- 1 rush project

* save $100/mo.



- 20 hours
- 5 hours rollover
- 2 rush projects
- 1 Zoom call

* save $400/mo.

What are retainers and how do they work? 

Retainers mean that you book me for a certain number of hours each month, and those hours are reserved for you in my calendar.

- There is a 3-month commitment, and you'll need to let me know at the beginning of each month what you'll need me to work on. If you're unsure, we can have a monthly 15-minute consultation call at the beginning of every month to go over your plans and goals for that month, so that you maximize your branding and marketing efforts. 

- You are responsible for planning ahead and using the hours accordingly. No rollover means if you did not use the allocated hours for that month, it does not rollover to the next month. 

- If you do not need any design work for the month but would like help and support in non-design work, I also offer: Pinterest management, Instagram scheduling, blog maintenance, and strategy & brainstorming calls. If this is the case, you need to let me know before the month starts so I can plan accordingly. 

Here are some reasons why retainers are so awesome:

A more efficient workflow. As one of my retainer clients, you get priority scheduling in my calendar. Additionally, I also offer a free 15-minute consultation call if you need help deciding whether your marketing efforts and focus needs to go to maximize both our workflows.

Brand consistency and growth. You want someone who understands your brand, inside and out. And even more so, you’ll work with someone who understands you. I believe in taking intentional action.

Less paperwork. Since we’ll be working together for an extended period of time, we can eliminate multiple contracts and multiple invoices, making your life so much simpler and with ease knowing that you’re in good hands.

No overhead. You get access to your own personal branding and graphic designer (who’s also well-versed in social media and blogging) without the overhead associated with an employee.

Discounted rates. My a la carte prices and month-to-month retainer prices are at a higher cost. Plus, you don’t need to spend additional, valuable time searching for a different designer every time you need a project done.

Flexibility. Don’t need so many hours of design work within a certain month? No problem. We can also work on your blog, social media, and/or have strategy call sessions that month. Let’s work together to make your brand better every month. 

[This is all covered in my 2018 branding and design investment guide, which you can download by clicking here.]

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