Modern Pinterest & Instagram Bundle

Modern Pinterest & Instagram Bundle

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This Pinterest & Instagram Bundle template set, made with Photoshop, is perfect for infopreneurs, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, podcasters, ecommerce, and small businesses.

These templates are optimally sized for Pinterest and Instagram, and designed to get you the best engagement on your pins and stories. Not only will you save time and energy, but you can also streamline your content creation process while maintaining a cohesive look (which will also save you money in the long run!).

What's Included:

  • 12 Pinterest templates - 735 x 1102

  • 12 Instagram stories/highlights templates - 1080x1920

  • A video tutorial on how to use these templates is also included.

Why buy design templates when you can make your own?

  • Creating your own graphics take up a lot of time (and brain power). Time you could be spending doing things that are in your zone of genius and will move the needle for your biz even more and/or time with family and friends.

  • All of the templates provided are properly resized for you and intentionally designed for the intended platforms, Pinterest and Instagram, so those are two less things you have to worry about!

  • If branding and design doesn't feel like second nature to you, there's a high possibility you'll end up with inconsistent branding -- which only ends up confusing your clients, customers, and community. You want to share your message with clarity and confidence.

  • You spend a lot of time creating valuable content for your community. Don't let it go to waste, because you feel overwhelmed with sharing and talking about it. This Pinterest and Instagram template set is designed to make your life easier -- so you can effortlessly plug and schedule away.

  • Super easy to customize and make your own. You can change the colors and fonts to match your own brand (or feel free to keep things the way they are).

Contact and support

If you have any questions, send me an email me at Please allow for a 24-72 response time. Thank you!

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