what is it like working together? glad you asked!

client testimonials —

“Working with Molly has been great as it has allowed me to dive deep into trying to figure out who I am as an artist and the various aspects that should be considered before building your aesthetic brand. 

It was important for me to feel that I connected with a graphic designer. I appreciated being able to have a discovery call for us to chat and talk about ourselves and our businesses to see whether we thought professionally we would work well together. 

The branding questionnaire Molly sent really helped me become more focused in creating an experience within my business that is aimed at my ideal client. I appreciated the fact that Molly was patient with me while I figured out my preferences with font and colors, etc. This took me a bit of time and Molly never made me feel guilty about sometimes being unsure or taking a bit longer to decide.

I am excited about the graphics designed and feel it has elevated my brand. Thanks Molly!

— Kirsty Su, Perth Wedding Photographer

“I am very excited to start giving my branded welcome guide to my future Just Me clients. I know it presents my work and all the information in a simple, cohesive, and pretty way. 

Having Molly find the perfect fonts and create these branding elements saved me a lot of time, and that’s what I valued most! Now that she has my brand elements, it would be so easy to send over inspiration for another design idea, and for her to run with it. 

She’s such a great resource—and also a lovely woman to know.”

— Amy Paine, Seattle Portrait Photographer