Tired of having AUTHENTICITY shoved down your throat when it comes to personal branding?

Yeah, us, too. Which is why we’re approaching it in a different way.

Your Soulful Branding is a community of soulful sisters who want to create a personal brand that rings true to who they are, the impact they want to make, and the people they feel called to serve.

While building your personal brand, have you ever felt

  • Like you had no idea what the next step was?
  • You wanted a “road map” to know if you were headed in the right direction or not
  • Overwhelmed because you’re multi-passionate and have too many things going on
  • Confused on who to help and what to niche down to
  • Nervous and scared of how to share your story
  • Imperfect, jealous, not-enough, or unworthy… 

The Your Soulful Branding workbook, created by Molly Ho, of Wholehearted Woman, and Cassandra Le, of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, was created for the personal brand owners who not only want to grow and develop their brands, but grow and develop themselves. 

Personal branding goes hand-in-hand with personal growth, creating a soulful and intentional brand that embodies every aspect of who we are.

The Your Soulful Branding workbook is everything Cassandra and Molly wish they knew when they started their personal branding journey 2+ years ago, all in one place, which makes it easy to refer back to and learn from.


The Your soulful Branding workbook includes:

  • 100+ pages, filled with tips, tried and tested strategies, resources, templates, AND MORE

  • An easy to follow guide to start your branding journey (or hone in on your message)

  • Interactive text boxes to fill out your workbook

  • Broken down lessons from building your foundation, developing your branded visuals, and working through mindset blocks

  • Weekly prompts and questions to guide you through the process

  • Personal tips and advice from two women who have launched, grown, and monetized their personal brands all within 2 years

  • And more! 




If you’re sick and tired of hearing:

  • Grow your followers by 1000 in just XXX days!
  • The fastest way to build your brand
  • How to triple your traffic and boost your brand in XXX days
  • And all the other nonsense we get bombarded with daily.

Then this workbook was created for you, soulful friend.

The Your Soulful Branding workbook is exactly that, a resource and guide to help you tap into your soul and listen to your intuition.

You’ll learn to trust yourself, your WHY, and your intuition, while sharing your story, so you step confidently into your vulnerability and create a brand that you are proud to call yours. 

The feelings of imperfection, jealousy, unworthiness, and imposter syndrome won’t go away with this workbook,

but we’ve created a resource for you to use, to work through those feelings, so you’re not overcome with paralyzing fear or comparison-itis while sharing your heart and soul into the world.

Imagine feeling aligned in your brand’s message and visual representation so you can proudly share your story and brand in a consistent way, online and in-person.

Imagine having a sisterhood behind you for accountability and strength; because personal branding pushes and pulls at you to grow and expand in ways you weren’t ready to. Your sisterhood will be there to support, empower, and cheer you on, so you feel less alone on this journey. 




what’s inside the your soulful branding workbook?


Month 1 -


Week 1: Your Why
Week 2: Your What - Niche
Week 3: Your Who - Community
Week 4: Your Where & How -
Platform & Medium

Month 2 -

Messaging  & Visuals


Week 5: Brand Personality & Tone
Week 6: Brand Visuals & Graphics
mood boards, colors, fonts, & logos
Week 7: Brand Photography & Graphics
Week 8: Marketing Collateral

Month 3 -

Mindset, Content,
& Community


Week 9: Content Strategy
Week 10: Official Launch Week
Week 11: Mindset Blocks & Beliefs
Week 12: Growth Strategies & Connection

Are you ready to share your story and step out vulnerably?

Your Soulful Branding [Workbook Only]
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Your Soulful Branding [Workbook Only]
  • 100+ page workbook

  • Resources, tools, and strategy for your personal brand and personal growth

  • Lifetime access to the workbook

  • Updated workbook editions

  • A private community of soul sisters

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Your Soulful Branding [Workbook PLUS 2:1 Coaching]

100+ page workbook

  • Resources, tools, and strategy for your personal brand and personal growth

  • Lifetime access to the workbook

  • Updated workbook editions

  • A private community of soul sisters

  • 2:1 Coaching with Molly & Cassandra

    • 1 90-min Zoom call intensive

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The truth is there are many strategies out there,
but the one that works best is the one that works for you. 

So while we have covered essentially everything you need to know about starting out, remember that you don’t have to do #allthethings. The most important thing is implementing what you learn. So as you go along, make sure you’re taking action. 

meet your soulful branding co-hosts!


Hello Soul Sisters! <3

It was a true pleasure to create this workbook with my mastermind co-host, Molly Ho. When we decided to take on this project, we knew that we had a lot of valuable information to share with people who wanted to start or expand on their personal brands. I am so proud to share this GIGANTIC 100+ page workbook with you, lled with tips, tricks, strategies, and everything that I wish I had when I started.

I hope the Your Soulful Branding workbook guides you to create and share a brand that is soulfully yours, led with your quirks, strengths, and weaknesses - to step out and vulnerably bare YOUR SOUL to create something that you’re absolutely proud of!




Hi there, soulful friend!

Starting your own personal brand can be ...challenging, to say the least. With that being said, I hope you find this workbook helpful and informative. Cassandra and I have both been blogging for a while and we wanted to combine both our expertises (her being copywriting and mine being design) and give you the best of both worlds.

You have a story to share, and the world needs to hear it. From you, with your own unique perspective.